Narrow Drop Lead Table Design Options

Need a practical and space-effective table for your small room? Narrow drop leaf table seems to be the best answer. Drop leaf table is unique and provides instant solution related to space limitation. The table has single or double dropped leaves which can be used as additional table surface. These dropped leaves help much when you need extra surface. Just lift the dropped leaves/ leaf in same level with primary table surface. In just few seconds, you have larger table surface. You can drop both leaves/ single leaf if you finish.

Narrow drop leaf table has tons function. As a dining table for a small dining room, console table, side table, and even coffee table are sets of some functions of a drop leaf table. Wood is always used for the table surface. Few of them use metal legs as the striking focal point. To make them more attractive, most manufacturers add white paint to the table legs. This coat is available for both metal and wooden table legs.

Classic-style drop leaf table still uses old design and old tone coat for keeping its original value. The old design presents tinnier and higher legs and all constructions are made from wood. Glossy dark brown toned coat is selected to strengthen the old and classic look. A drawer in the center adds precious function for the table.

Few of narrow drop leaf table sets are intentionally designed without coat (unfinished drop leaf table) to meet particular users’ demands. Cool-shabby coats are also adored by most people in current days. Discover narrow drop leaf table designs in our gallery and we hope that they give you new inspiration.


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