Nature Shower Curtain – Effort to Bring Nature Awe

Isn’t it always interesting to decorate the bathroom with some new ideas? Of course, there are always something new to refresh the bathroom starts from very small detail like vanity even towel hanger. Other than those stuff, shower curtain is a small detail that needs to be renewed. Covering the bathtub with style is nature shower curtain idea. it brings natural awe to the vibe so the occupant could enjoy and relax in the bathroom!

A white large nature shower curtain comes with its endearing cherry blossom tree. It looks sweet with the pattern colors combination of pink, brown and black. With its soft tone, the total look is truly amazing even just to touch!

Another idea is a gray nature shower curtain idea. it tales dandelion as the pattern on the gray base with turquoise and white and black tone. Without doing so much effort, the bathroom is getting more comfortable anyway!

Chasing the one with ocean appeal is also able. A curtain design in white base looks perfect with some creatures pattern like starfish and shell. On good look of blue, brown and yellow, the white base curtain turns into flat aquarium. Stunning!

Designing bamboo on white curtain must be a cool idea to transform the room with such awakening outlook as well as refreshing air. Just imagine the bamboo is alive, so the room will be as fresh as the real nature.

In addition, floral pattern in white, brown and blue are all sweet idea to invade a white curtain with amazing look. It juggles the pure white tone into kind of ombre appeal. It is really something!


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