Need Best Spot To Curl Up During Summer? These Contemporary Rustic Bedrooms Are Perfect Recommendations

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Just imagine you can relax in a dreamy nook of your bedroom. It must be so fun and cozy. Here I want to share the coziest bedroom designs as the best options for curling up during Spring and Summer. These bedrooms are mostly designed in contemporary rustic that obviously delivers some particular characters such as neutral, minimalist, and luxurious. I can’t describe how inviting and cozy the bedrooms are. Each is furnished with the best furniture pieces and supporting items. See the following bedroom designs for detailed info and description.

I wanna describe the bed frame first. It’s totally different with common bed products; it has three couple of legs for sturdy structure. Its low-profile frame also gives ultra cozy to user. I love white finish on walls; it really fits the light wood element existing in this space.

Feels so calm and peaceful when I imagine I’m in such a beautiful bedroom. The terrazzo tiles and archway are the highlights; these two elements add a special character and pattern; and the corner houseplant of course adds a vivid focal point to this all-white interior.

This bedroom got my attention and I love the wooden headboard; it’s sophisticated and stylish. Visually, the bed frame is practical and minimalist; it’s surely easy to build. Black-finish wood panel behind the walls also sends a masculine look. Very inspiring.

Really, I love the bed linen. It’s beautifully wrinkled yet cozy feel. The surface visually rough but it’s actually smooth and cozy. White always suit with light wood element previously existed in this bedroom.

I feel calmness in this bedroom. The hues like off-white, white, light wood, and beige are subtle and warm look, but when they are combined with black, they’re so stand-out.

First, I want to comment about the color hue used in this bedroom. Gray and white are subtle to see, but they’re so harmonious and complete each other. Even, the double-layered curtains with different hue seem so dramatically romantic. Second, a floating cubic shelf are genius to eliminate the bedside. It’s space-efficient. Wall-mounted lamp is also more practical and effective since you don’t need a desk lamp anymore with this, even you have extra space to put the things you might need in this spot when waking up at night.

All linens here are handmade, and Etsy provides many more of this kind of linen products. I see that all essentials in this bedroom are casual, fresh, and of course sophisticate. The bedding treatment looks messy, indeed, but it’s artistic and cozy feel. The vintage rug, next target of my attention, is simple yet stated.

Contemporary rustic always bring natural elements as the basic materials. This wood wall panel, for example, becomes the perfect background for the bed and it automatically adds a natural look in ultra-modern style. Its tone and texture also bring warm and casual to this room. Combined with deep olive green duvet cover, this bedroom also provides a fresh nuance with modern touch.

When talking about creating a warm bedroom, we will automatically relate it with the right color choice like yellow, red, and even orange, but actually we can also add the warm ‘maker’ only by natural basic materials like wooden. We just need to figure out which type of wood we want to use or other elements that look like the wood color like this ornate woven baskets and pendant.

Rustic relatively connected to nature and it’s perfect if we add some houseplants as the vivid decorations to the rustic bedroom. They absolutely will add freshness to the whole room. They also will enhance a calmness and serenity to the space.

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