Neo Rustic Bedroom Designs: The Fresher and More Sophisticated Ones Than Classic Rustic

white walls sheer canopy curtains in white exposed wood beams white tile floors My Paradissi

We all know that rustic is closely connected to some features such as deep textured timber use, cabin-like interiors & exteriors, lots of logs, and warm look, but what about neo rustic? Neo rustic is fresher and more sophisticated with complex vibes. Like today, I wanna share ten best designs of neo rustic bedrooms I’ve collected from Pinterest and My Paradissi. Most of displayed bedrooms are dominated with light-toned wood featuring white scenes plus earthy hues. Textiles are also added up to create more warmth and softness. About the furniture option, the modern ones are better than other styles, while stucco and concrete finish are two recommended elements for a contemporary look.

I personally have fallen in love with this style and I want to spread the same feeling to you. I always dream of waking up in such a beautiful summer bedroom.

Exposed wood beams are the feature of neo rustic. They clearly expose the raw texture of organic wooden but are designed in modern. The modern furniture also fits the concept. Brilliant!

Pale and bright interior idea. All wood elements here are coated in a bit of whitewashed finish, adding a subtle contrast to the whole space.

I wanna say that all things existing in the bedroom is adorable and fancy. The oversized pendant is so dramatic, the bedding treatment feels so comfy, and the whitewashed wood plank walls are soft and subtle.

So fancy with the beams and the skylight. Both are different elements but complete each other. The basic material of wood here is still used dominantly even though the space is furnished with clean line and modern furniture pieces.

Unlike the previous neo rustic bedroom ideas, this one, at least, is still keeping the concept of classic rustic particularly the wood beams. The beams are originally raw and organic wooden that definitely showcases the hard texture and earthy wood color.

Airy, bright, and well-ventilated. The bedroom is completed with a wood canopy covered with a dramatic white drapery sheet, bringing a romantic feel. The woven runner here adds rich texture that’s slightly different with the existing texture owned by all wood elements in this bedroom.

This is simpler but the canopy and its drapery is overwhelmed. I actually love the bed setting but it’s too boring when placed next to white area rug. It feels like the bottom area is coldly white, while the top area is woodsy warm. I see the obvious gap here.

Sheer curtains here add dramatic look to the bed, creating the next statement after the wood beams. I believe that this bedroom becomes the most favorite one.

I love how the designer chooses blue as the secondary color hue after the wood color. Blue here is exactly the fun maker in which the color gives a beautiful contrast to the bedroom space without lacking of the importance of wood in such neo rustic bedroom.

Inspired by colonial Spain architecture, the arched window here is the statement maker. It gives different and new feature to this neo rustic bedroom.

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