Off-the-Grid Home Designs

Off-the-grid home designs are particular home designs that do not connected to main electrical grid. To obtain the electrical energy, the home owners can use mini grid systems or stand-alone power system to result smaller electrical power. We all know that off-grid electricity is the media to access the electricity that is used in big area like big country. From the definition above, off-the-grid homes (OTG homes) means living in self-sufficient electricity without depending on public electricity.

Off-the-grid home designs, for sure, use less electrical energy than ordinary home designs. Not only that, the designs also does not rely on municipal natural gas, sewer, water supply, and other utility services. The true off-grid homes are those that have the capability in operating all kinds of traditional public utilities independently and completely.

That’s so unique and may be so weird if such designs are applied in this modern era. However, few people in the world have practiced them and they enjoy of living without relying on public utility services. Even, some world celebrities re-design their house into off-the-grid house. Daryl Hannah, for instance, has been living in self-designed house where she uses passive solar power to fulfill her electricity needs. She also collects the rainwater and composes the waste for her mini garden. And the fact is that she pays nothing for utility services.

Nowadays, there are many off-the-grid home designs in unique and attractive styles. With these designs, many more people attract to off-the-grid home designs. More people use OTG home designs, more energy efficiency will be pursued.


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