Antique Old Hollywood Glamour Decor

Some of home needs spectacular and amazing design. Making that kind of home design needs a match style and decor. Perhaps glamour decor can be your choice of decorating your home awesomely. Glamour design is close to luxury style with modern and elegant look. For this kind of decoration, old Hollywood style will be perfect. Why is it called old Hollywood style? It is because Hollywood is a place of every stars for living with their gorgeous home design.

Now it is not only movie star that can decor their home with old Hollywood style, but every people may have it for their home. Designing your home with antique old Hollywood glamour decor will take you into some tips for decorating without spending million dollars to make it happens. Find the meaning of glamour style first before you start to prepare everything. You may ask professional help to mention all you need for old Hollywood style.

Expose every things inside your home is the next step to make glamour decor with old Hollywood style. One example is using large rug which is covering whole of your living room floor, hanging big chandelier inside your dining room, or exposing your ceiling beams perfectly with the best quality of the beams only. As much as possible, your home surely will get all people attention by giving them attractive and unusual stuffs.

The last thing you need to do to create glamour decor is combining the color. It is okay to have much color design in your home, as long as it looks nice and fine to see. Grey chairs with white sofa and blue rug are an example of using colors for color decoration.


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