Open-Concept Home Models That Inspire You to Try Out An Open Communication Lifestyle

open concept idea inspired by traditional Japanese's home design wooden dining furniture wooden frame sofa with dark cushion flat TV wooden media console traditional window with shoji Pinterest

Open-concept home sometimes becomes the best option for people who want to get more practical and flexible space of interiors. It means the concept creates informal and spacious that connect one area to another area or more. The concept has grown and been popular over the years. Obviously, many designers say that the open-concept home design is available as one of elements of modern homes.

Open-concept design brings a lot of benefits: free of natural light availability, large space visual effect, and wall-free for communication or interaction. Need more inspirations of open-concept homes for your next home projects? Here I’ve collected ten best ideas inspired by cool and pro designers we can find their masterpieces in Pinterest.

One of best alternatives of furniture choice to create extra comfort and homey feel. All elements here are totally inspired by ethnic, culture, and nature that have been well-implemented in contemporary living room.

A dreamy open plan idea that has potentials to build more intimacy and entertaining purposes. Just imagine that you can fun cooking while getting super-fun conversations with kids enjoying their breakfast in this stylish breakfast nook, even you can say your morning ‘Hi’ to your spouse while asking what drink the spouse wants to this morning.

Adorable wood beams. I really love the beams with wooden material exposed. It looks so bold among the white vaulted ceilings. It’s genius way to create a statement only with the wooden beams.

This is so inspiring, an open-concept idea that exposes a simple, bright, and airy dining space complete with accent pendants. I see the dominance of natural materials in this space. Look at the pendants’ lampshades, furniture, and flat woven rug. All are made from natural materials. This indirectly brings a natural vibe to the whole space.

This is an open-concept idea taken from one of the most glamorous hotels in Greek. Visually, the space offers cozy, warm, and well-lighted. All elements (actually dominated by wooden) are well-chosen to create an ideal place for a lifetime holiday. The hammock inside the room is a unique piece giving you a soothing relaxation.

According to the basic theme of decor idea, this beach house is dominated by soft color shades for bright and airy look. But wait, I find something interesting here, a stone fireplace with ornate fish over the stove. It’s so unique because it exposes different finish that obviously visualizes the distinctive texture.

If you like a Scandinavian style for your new open-concept home, this idea probably fits your personal choice. The furniture should be clean lines and simple. Soft and warm shades are also important in this style. Most Scandinavian style lovers choose light wood, whites, and grays as the primary tones for their homes. Sometimes, soft-colored area rugs with geometric patterns also need to add to get this vibe.

It’s totally wooden. The visualization of interior shows a very simple and humble design. All pieces of interior are designed in clean line. Most of the furniture pieces are inspired by a midcentury modern style but the local culture is well presented in particular spot like in the window obviously covered with the traditional window paper called shoji.

Contemporary-style open concept idea supported with super-large skylight. The skylight looks like a glass ceiling with black beams exposed. Whatever its name, this glass piece is the huge portal for the natural light streams down to the space inside the house. With this, it seems that you don’t need extra lighting during the day. Or perhaps you need to keep the warm-toned lighting on to add different light effect around your kitchen counter like this one.

Need a shower that’s greater than traditional one? This idea might be perfect for you. The bathroom is filled with a modern white tub completed with a free-standing stainless steel faucet and recessed shelf inserted in the black accent wall that separates the walk-in shower and the tub space.

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