Outside Window Trim: Classic Finishing Idea for Perfect Home Plan from Traditional to Urban

One simple and must have thing in every home is window. Yeah, it is not only for circulation need, but it perfects every house design with beautiful pattern. What kind of decoration usually applied on to your window? Silky curtain even the lace one are common and famous to sweeten the interior. Then, what about the outdoor look? I guess, you have to apply outside window trim for stunning exterior!

To spruce a brown wall, you have to install a contrast pattern on it. Make sure, you have creamy outside window trim for sweet combination just like a glass of hot milk! Added with deep green wooden window bar to frame the glass, its really is wonderful treat!

Then, elegant gray white wall design must be nice to meet white outside window trim. It blurr the limit of the white and gray color of the surrounding. Dark glass to cover the window is also a great choice as it impress every eye with gothic nuance.

Natural stone wall is another appeal that you can try. It contrasts the yellow outside window trim perfectly and effortless. Sliding glass application showcases new style that mirrors mediterranian style. This design comforts you every single second with natural wood seating beneath the window. In short, it suits your foyer space!

Then, what about rustic window trim? It is gorgeous to spruce your gray wooden deck wall idea. Rather than dark glass, it is better to have transparent glass to help you enjoying blurr communication between indoor and outdoor.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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