Oversized Accent Chair – Gives Luxurious Touch

Have you ever though to have an accent chair inside your room? It feels unnecessary to add another chair in the space if there is already a set of sofa ranging in the living room. however, sometimes you need cool spot to nerd yourself with some books or just mesmerizing the nuance outside the window. I suggest you to have an oversized accent chair idea for luxurious touch!

It is a luxurious wing chair design that looks pouffy with tufted pattern on the backrest. To slip on the chair is kind of perfect relaxing style beneath glass window to not only enjoy the interior but also outdoor!

Foot rest is also additional plush that you can get from oversized accent chair. What else that you can do aside letting your legs relax on the spot with tender touch.

Further, a semi round yellow bold oversized accent chair welcomes every person to sit comfortably without leaving the fashionable look. Short backrest is meant to give simple border, and it adds the style into the modern one!

Then, what do you think to have a white round pouffy oversized accent chair with full tuft pattern on the surface? One word to say, it is luxurious! even to place the design on such rough jute rug in the interior, it creates lovely vintage tone instead.

A curving style oversized accent chair looks inviting in its lemonade tone that is fresh and adorable. Touching the fabric is soft like silk, and to lay on the chair makes you unwillingly to get up.

Reference: www.bassettfurniture.com

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