Make Your Own Standing Desk to Create High Comfort Working Nuance

Working in a comfortable place of course gives awesome effect to your job. It spreads unlimited spirit to grab, and you can have your working experience becomes more playful. Then, how to achieve that kind of working ambiance? Here, I would like to recommend you of having a standing desk. It is flexible and you do not need to always sit on your boring chair. So, make your own standing desk!

The very simplest way to make your own standing desk is by extending your former desk in the office. Yeah, you don’t need to make another new one, but adding additional top on the desk is enough. For instance, take an oak board and stack it on your desk, and then it is finish!

The important thing that you should consider about is to make the height adjustable. If you are tired to sit you can change the mode into the standing one and vice versa. So, it is not only stylish, but the function is also useful for your own comfort!

If you want to have a new standing desk, it is easy to heighten the desk shape. Yeah, you can give long legs to lift the height. Although it is not a flexible design, you can enjoy it with another desk!

Further, don’t forget to add storage on your standing desk, so it will be easy for you to reach any file that you need. Storage can be in the form of drawers, slot or even bins. Choose which one suits your style, and enjoy the awesome effect!


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