Get Best Illumination. These Pendant Lights Understand What You Need The Most for Your Home

color blocked pendants in Lily flower like shape

Pendant lamps can be crucial element in home. Just light up particular space with a pendant lamp or use a multiple pendant to illuminate the wider space and let that pendant be a direct statement of space. Unlike the wall and flush-mount lamps, the pendant lamps are typically hung on


Ten Best Tablecloth Ideas for Meal Indoor & Outdoor during Summer

retro tablecloth with colorful stripes

Not only for Summer, a cute tablecloth is needed for daily use. It gives you a visual attractiveness and of course it’s functional. A tablecloth here can be a complementary element of dining table for any occasions including some big days like Christmas, American Independent Day, Halloween, Thanks Giving, and


Inspiring Bay Window Designs for Multifunctional, Well-Ventilated, And Lighted Space In Home

asymmetrical bay window with full glass window built in wood bench seat and black cushion and pillows

One of best tricks to a ventilated and open room is generally started with a huge amount of natural light. Whenever it is (kitchen, bedroom, family room, or even entry hall), the bay window plays double function, as the space for adding extra illumination and as the statement maker. The


10 Chic Look-Makers Recommended From Walmart

round shaped wool area rug with stripe accents

Really love a chic look for your house? Here we’ve collected ten best products designed in those styles, and they are available in Walmart, an on-house-line that offers so many options of interior & exterior pieces with best style and quality. The displayed products hopefully meet the needs that can


Ten Urban Outfitters’ Boho Charms You Must Have To Add An Instant Boho Statement To Your Home

bamboo nesting basket made of interwoven bamboo strands

From minimal to maximum Bohemian touches, Urban Outfitters has always been a supplier of Boho-things. It never fail to update people’s interiors with all of products. We’ve searched and collected all favorites and then we wanna share them to you. We’re really sure that these Boho-appealed products won’t disappoint you.


Ten Best Duvets & Comforters By Urban Outfitters We Recommend To Update Your Bedroom

tufted floral patterned comforter in peach by Urban Outfitters

Bedroom is the best place to ‘save’ the private life where we can do anything we like without worrying all matters outside. In this place, we can show who actually we are, it doesn’t matter to do lazily things like curling up on bed for hours, slumbering, reading a pile


Cool & Timeless, 10 Kitchen Backsplash Installations Stealing Your Heart Away

pink tile backsplash with motifs concrete wall oversized pendant with copper lampshade

Are you searching for cool and stylish backsplash for your kitchen? Re-installing a new kitchen backsplash will be a great idea to spice up and update your kitchen. There are so many options of tiles you can pick up for the new backsplash; they come in huge various types such


10 Cool Vintage-Grunge Interior Ideas For Home

hard textured stoned walls modern minimalist sofa in yellow white area rug

Need uncommon idea to re-decorate your house? Love something ‘dirty’ and shabby to your house? Sometimes, few of people like to be different in look (lifestyle) and this indirectly affects their life. About the way they decorate their living space is just one aspect definitely brought by their way of


Hate Dark Palettes? This Will Ruin Your Opinion

Nordic colored wall idea dramatic white bed curtain dark blue duvet cover gray bed linen deep turquoise throw blanlet whitewashed wood plank floors

Maybe dark color schemes are rarely picked up as the primary tone for house due to the produced effects like depressed and gloomy feel; but the truth is when the schemes are applied correctly, they’re full of life, beautifully dramatic, elegant, and cozy. Like these ideas, you’ll be impressed with


10 Clever Ideas How To Spice Up The Abandoned Attics

a couple of single bed frames with white linen center dresser wood plank walls and ceilings in white exposed wood beams on ceilings

Attic is one of attractive parts of house where it usually vacant or unused. Even most people often associate it with a secret room. In fact, an attic has the unique shape (slanted ceiling with huge skylight on ceiling), potentially being a perfect space for bedroom maybe. Re-designing the attic