Best Living Rooms Rightly to Deeply Sink In

blushy pink vintage sofa with Damask patterns whitewashed wood plank wlals white wood floors

End up the weekdays with something fun like simply relax yourself at home, sinking yourself into your sofa while watching your favorite Netflix’s series while grabing snacks and hot coffee in your hand. Make you comfortable with the best living room furniture for such lazy days. When there is a


IKEA’s Sustainable Furniture You Won’t Miss to Support Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

handmade basket for storage unit bamboo stool

Wanna get a sustainable style to your home interiors? You don’t have to always take neutrals or other color palettes described as earthy tones. Ikea seems like your big hero to solve this matter. Through some experiments, Ikea has proved that the bold patterns/ motifs and textured rattans are becoming


Pinterest’s Best Bedroom Collections You Must See for Your Next Projects

bold black hand painted walls whitewashed floors all white bedding treat hardwood bedside table

When someone ask what place you love the most for curling up at night and spending plenty of time when no jobs or just having the spare time with your fun readings, bedroom must be your answer. And most people agree that owning a dream bedroom is the finest solution


Stylish & Small-Size Furniture Choices for Small Garden & Patio Treat

bistro table and chairs in bright blue hue

Say Hi to next summer with a lot of fun and happiness. But before this, you need to prepare well how to welcome your summer.  Providing the best spot and make it the coziest place to warm up your body and to get the summer party is the answer, and


Latest Trends You Must See for Your Outdoor Decor

outdoor gallery wall consisting of wall mounted planters

While processing interior and exterior of home, the outdoor area may often be forgotten and even left out to makeover. In fact, the outdoor is the space where you won’t miss out to welcome your summer holidays. Outdoor dining space, BBQ & cocktail spot, and outdoor swimming pool are some


Love Red? These Are Perfect Color Schemes to Pair with Red

deep orange sofa in midcentury modern style round top wood stool half way gray and red walls plenty of wall decors dark area rug with round shape accents

Red is one of color schemes with bold, exotic, and value to make a statement. The color actually can fit any other color schemes including neutrals, but some interior designers, with their excellent skill, consider to make some color pairings involving red as one of basic color. Really wonder about


Whimsical Pantry Fit for Dream Kitchen

wide and open pantry in white wood color kitchen countertop white kitchen cabinetry stone tile floors earthy brown mat colorful flowers on white pot

A little makeover sounds a good solution to get a new pantry’s look. As the hidden room, people forget about the aspect of aesthetic and style of a pantry; that’s why they often neglect this room. In fact, pantry can be categorized as the crucial space for food storage solutions,


Wanna Have Bold & Stylish Living Room? These Poppy-Color Living Room Designs Will Be Your Inspirations

Boho shag rug in bold yellow highlighted with gray and white patterns

Yeah, New Year had just come and now is the perfect time to challenge ourselves to try to darely move on the new design for our home. Start with the bold patterns, shapes, and colors that can make your home totally different, and the living room, as the first space


10 Interior Trends Most Designers Recommend to

hanging plants gold tone hanging planters

Counting days to February and need to change something new in your home? At least there is a little change of interior pieces that probably you’ve been bored about. Luckily, here are interior trends need to try and you’ll get new texture, color, and even style that totally are going


Inspiring House Lake’s Interiors for Your Next Summer Weekends

airy living room exposed wood beams and roofs big lantern like pendant wicker chairs with wood structure wicker coffee table modern white sofa white area rug wood floors

A lake house seems to be the ideal option to welcome our next summer holiday. To inspire you what things need to upgrade for the season, we’re gonna take you to get a fun tour house today, and a cozy lake house in Connecticut designed by Susana Simonpietri is the