Statera Restaurant: Inspiring Modern-Style Dining Space with Chunky Concrete & Greenery Exposed

Statera restaurant exterior exposing concrete walls and floors wood exterior door dramatic tree

What do you think when you see amazing mini garden on top of the dining space? And this really happens in Statera Restaurant in Lima. It’s a fact that this restaurant is unique. Inspired by modern style, the façade is dominated by chunky concrete with greenery highlights. Rooftop gardens here


Magic Colors that Not Only Can Aesthetically Improve The Home Value But Also Self-Relaxing

deep blue brick walls white round top side tables with cage like base light gray accent chair with gray knitted blanket

Have you known that the colors can affect the individual’s psychology? Definitely yes. Carl Jung, a famous psychotherapist, says that all color hues have deep meanings and their implementation, including for homes, can potentially give positive effect to the homeowners’ psychology. From this, it’s clear that it’s important for us


Need More Inspirations of Modern Minimalist Master Bedroom Designs? This Will Inspire You Instantly

white walls with framed picture decorations ultra light wood bedside table white bedding linen ulyra soft pillow

As the most private space in home, it’s free for the homeowner to set it up or to re-design the space based on the personal style and preference. Bedroom is the heaven to relax. Bedroom is also the space to express whatever you want whatever you feel. It is the


10 Hottest Modern Sleek Master Bathroom Designs

zen feel modern master bathroom design with rectangular shaped wood bathtub hard texture concrete walls frameless glass windows

Fully bright and minimalist bathroom becomes one of most favorite specifications of modern master bathrooms. Actually, there are so many options of such beautiful bathroom designs but today I just want to share some that are the best ones. Hopefully, you will inspire after visiting my blog. I really love


Villa Tour: Cool Living Space in Hillside in Southwest Germany Definitely Will Impress You

villa in uphill with amazing exterior staircase glass windows and door with wood frame

Villa S is just one of masterpieces designed by a well-known Architect Firms with Ian Shaw as the architect. This beautiful living space is located in a hillside in Schriesheim, Southwest Germany. The land is actually elevated one but it offers spectacular natural views of countryside. The construction itself consists


Coolest Garage Conversions You Need To Adopt for More Optimal Garage Use

contemporary living room in garage conversion modern white sectional sofa amazing glass garage door

Garage is just a simple building designed for parking the cars and it’s often used for keeping the garden tools and other things rarely used. As the secondary structure, the space is kept abandoned, dirt, and cluttered; and the unused ones, people use them as the storage space we rarely


Inspiring Outdoor Area Designs to Feel Summer Breeze & Warmth

ultra modern terrace with fabulous chair and frameless glass roof

It must be fun to feel the fresh air, warm sunlight, and the summer breeze simply just in the front porch, terrace, patio, veranda, or other outdoor areas of home. This is the main reason why we need to consider renovating or remodeling the old outdoor area into the coziest


Blush Pink Hue Ideas that Bring Calmness To Any Interiors

bright and light bedroom idea with white bedding colorful rug modern floor lamp in soft blush pink

Spread beautiful and sweet look plus calming nuance simply through color to your home and feel positive vibe after that. Today, I picked soft millennial pink as the grand color scheme to decorate home. We all know that this kind of color scheme delivers style and warmth as well to


Sophisticated Dreamy Interior Designs That Can Elevate Home Value

wood corner bookshelves

What your feeling if you have a fancy home décor as what you’re dreaming of? People have different specifications related to their home dream; it depends on individual’s personal preference and lifestyle, but sometimes some of them still don’t know yet about the things they need to style up their


Basement Remodel Ideas You Won’t Regret to Try Out

kids' playroom in the basement

  Does your basement look like an abandoned than a stylish space? A basement is the storage space w we use to store everything we don’t want to. We often don’t care about the look of basement because it’s regarded as the place we don’t need to show off to,