Best Concrete Finish Applications in Modern Homes

smooth concrete walls and floors contemporary modular sofa in white black accent pillows black coffee table in contemporary style white ceilings with modern lighting fixtures

Concrete is one of best materials as it is durable and hard to damage. This kind of solid material is also low budget and eco-friendly because you don’t require adding another layer of floor to get the stylish and practical interior/ exterior base. Modern home design and architecture prefer concrete


Tiny Guest Cabin Inspirations for Summer Holidays

guest cabin with opened slanted panel with bed frame a couple of director chairs tree trunk side table

Unbelievable, this is just 80 square-feet guest cabin and merely powered by the solar panels as the source of electrical power. Designed in perfectly minimalist and tiny, this guest cabin offers a new life and experience of living in purely natural environment. The fresh air, misty nuance, and chilling breeze


11 Craziest Facade Inspirations You Don’t Ever Miss for Your Home Projects

rusting steel door and walls idea for brutalism home idea

Facades play significant role in architecture and home design. To support everything inside it, a facade must be solid, firm, strong, and durable. It’s commonly supported with solid materials such as cement or concrete, brick, glass, stone or rock, and even hard wood. Facades should support function, but those with


10 Wood-Finish Applications You Should Not Miss for Your Home

tiny house design dark finished wood staircase railings kitchen counter and beams purely white ceilings and walls whitewashed wood floors

In home design and architecture, wood finishing becomes one of the most favorite finishing types chosen by today’s people. They believe that wood finishing is natural and warm in look. The finishing also offers natural texture and tone only got from the organic wooden. It never be boring to coat


Need Practical, Clean, and Space-Efficient Cooking Space? Let You Get Inspired with These Best Ten Small & Minimalist Kitchen Designs

all white kitchen interior white walls reclaimed wood countertop with white kitchen counter base low profile bulb pendants

Remodeling a kitchen into the new one is so challenging because there are so many options of kitchen designs you can adopt. As the most favorite place, kitchen must have lots of essentials to consider for the sake of cooking convenience and you also need to make sure that all


10 Amazing Ideas of Antique Farmhouse with Best Antique Finds for Interiors

soft flower wallpaper white bathtub white shower curtain with multi ruffle vintage mosaic tiles in white vintage stool

Maybe just few people know and even are interesting in antique farmhouse. The style offers unique concept that’s rarely used by people recently, but today I will try to share a bit of antique farmhouse decorating idea to you. Maybe the ideas will give you new inspiration then you’re gonna


What’s New on Wayfair UK?

dark wood bed frame with canopy wooden bench bed multicolored rug framed wall mirrors in round shape half circle wall mirror with tassels pop of yellow duvet cover

Wayfair UK offers you thousands best products of cookware, lighting, furniture, and even home accessories to level up your home quality. Each segment has more various design you can choose based on your personal preference; and now you’re lucky because I wanna share Wayfair UK’s newest arrivals to you. Let’s


Random Finds on Instagram: Audrey Crisp Interiors with Boho-Scandi-Farmhouse Collaborative Interiors

macrame panel for window as the light filter as well as the decorative window treatment

I just found Audrey Crisp Interiors on Instagram and all shared interiors are so amazing. They really inspire me to have the same ideas for my home. Most of the ideas expose the combination of three different home decor styles: modern Boho, Scandi, and farmhouse. What do the ideas look


Need More Natural Vibes? Get A Lot of Treehouse or Cabin House Bedroom Inspirations From These Bedroom Designs

modern cabin style bedroom with green blue bedspread platform bed with under storage wood walls ceilings and floors skylight

It must be fun to have a fancy bedroom and there are so many options of bedrooom designs we need to adopt based on our personal preference. Talking more about the dream bedrooms, I wanna share more about the bedroom in treehouse or cabin house. It has unique concept and


White Bedroom Inspirations that Effortlessly Bring Calmness

white bedding treatment white top bedside tables houseplants on woven planter light wood floors dramatic dusty white wall draperies

Bedroom as the private space should be the reflection of the owner. That’s why the interior fills with the bedroom essentials with personal touch. Besides, the bedroom should offer the coziest space to nap and to relax, and to get the perfect sleeping area, it’s important to consider some aspects