A Comeback: Terrazzo, The Hottest Trend Currently Making Over The Expensive Marble

pink terrazzo table

Perhaps just few people know what terrazzo is. Indeed, terrazzo is not as popular as marble, but it’s marvelous. For most architects & home designers, marble is out of date but terrazzo has come back and becomes the biggest trend in this year; and now you will be seeing it


Feng Shui Wood Element for Homes: Instant Way to Improve Positive Vibes through Architecture & Home Design

Nordic inspired bedroom for kids pale wood ladder and floors white siding walls and ceilings white bedding treatment woven wool blankets

Wood element, based on Feng Shui, always gives natural and warm appeal that extremely relax our body and mind. It’s also pleasing in visualization, especially when applied for home design and architecture. The following ideas are some wood element applications perfectly bring aesthetic and functional values on both interior and


Dream of Stylish yet Functional Home on Low Budget? Get Inspired by These Modern Low-Cost Home Designs

affordable compact designed home in practical modern style

When we just have limited budget to own a dream house, we’re often think that we won’t be able to possess a stylish and beautiful living space, but now everything could be possible. In fact, most small houses are commonly cost-efficient and they can be designed more stunning and appealing


Be Creative with These Easy 10 DIY Outdoor Light Ideas for More Stunning Outdoors

glass jam jar lanterns for garden pathway

Outdoor lighting is essential thing that can bring functional and aesthetic values. They often give a huge impact on creating perfect lighting effect for outdoor and surround. Through this page, I have collected ten best outdoor lighting hopefully give you new inspirations when re-decorating your backyard, garden, front yard, landscape,


Inspiring Indoor Plant Stand Ideas for Wanna-Be Interior Gardeners

mason jar planters with sparkling light inside

Nature and greenery definitely brings peace and refreshment to any objects, including living spaces or homes. The homes with greenery absolutely energize the atmosphere inside that indirectly affects the creation of positive energy. Most people even treat their greenery in special way by allocating them in the best spots can


Most Adorable Ideas of Outdoor Seat Designs

modern boho floor seating area bold colored floor pillows hairpin leg table dark textile carpet

What are your doing when having much of free time? Spending the days outdoor with your family? If yes, I would like to review some inspiring outdoor seat designs in a brief. These designs, of course, will make you fall in love and instantly drive you to get one that’s


Outdoor Decorating Ideas You Won’t Miss Out

wood paver walkway for outdoor supported by hard textured concrete base

It feels so special when our outdoor areas are decorated properly. Size isn’t matter; whether they’re small or large space, you can make them quite fabulous with the following outdoor decor ideas. These ideas surely will inspire you redecorating your outer spaces of home such as landscape, backyard, and front


Rustic-Farmhouse Living Room Ideas You’ll Love

rustic farmhouse living room white chairs with blue throw pillows round wood top coffee table centered fireplace with brick surround white wood siding walls decorative deer head wood board floors

Living room is the heart of every home. It performs essential role especially in reflecting the owner’s personal style and preference in home design and architecture. The space should offer coziness when welcoming all guests and of course it’s better to keep attractive visually. Talking about the visual attractiveness in


Wanna Have A Homey & Stylish Seat? These Upholstered Seats Won’t be Out-To-Date

dainty pink upholstered sofa with cylindrical wood legs light pink wooly rug white round top coffee table with gold toned tiny metal legs

Whether how well-planned or chic decor you have, a room isn’t complete without seats. Each room has different need of seating area. Dining and living room traditionally place the seats as the heart of space in which they should perform stylish and comfortable seating, but the other spaces like hallway,


Best Ten Inspiring Images of Nightstand You should Adopt to Your Bedroom

retro style nightstand idea dusty blue table lamp striking blue pillows

Make your bedroom fresher with eclectic & chic nightstand products. This complementary bedroom item comes in huge various designs, materials, colors, sizes, and additional features that effectively help framing your existed bed. They can also make a statement that surely offers lot of function. Today, I’ve collected ten best ideas