A Humble & Simple Look Home Design with Minimalist Way

raw wood furniture set consisting of wood structured sofa with warm & light tone upholstery and coffee table

Less yet functional, light-toned, and clean-lined are probably the definition of minimalism. But many people still relate it with modern and contemporary design as they have some similar traits. To make it clearer, here we’re sharing what actually minimalism is. Most designers say that minimalism is a rejection of expressioanism.


Need Best Daybed Reference? These World Daybed Products Are Your Choices

Avalon Channel tufted daybed in blush

Just imagine that you’ve a versatile furniture like a daybed in your home. It would be such a great as it offers luxe you place to welcome the visiting guest. This piece of furniture would be a perfect option when your guest need an extra bed for deep nap during


What is Actually Rustic? Here You’ll Get the Broader Things about Rustic

contemporary rustic living room reclaimed wood wall idea modern couch in white light toned throw pillows i

For you who want to get to know more about rustic decorating idea, this page more likely becomes the right channel to this. We want to share just a little information about rustic that might be worth for you. Rustic is actually more than farmhouse decor, log cabin, or something


Need Bold Colored & Patterned Decor Idea? Bohemian is Your Choice

Bohemian style rooftop with worn textile accents

Bohemian style sounds so familiar right now and many people put their interest on it as the part of the lifestyle. Bohemian is actually inspired by free-spirited lifestyle as what writers and travelers have. It firstly appears in early 19th century in France when some artists prefer moving to a


Enjoy Beauty in Simplicity in Home with These Minimalist Decor Ideas

minimalist living room idea wood structured couch with fluffy upholstery wood coffee table small bookcase made of wood simple pendant with pale yellow lampshade

Need a simple decor idea for your home? Just cut out those unessential and keep some exactly functional. No need to put a trendy or stylish accent table that’s actually uncomfortable. If it’s not necessary, just skip it. Minimalist means a home decor idea focusing on function. Each interior piece


Grab The Best Views from Home Within just With These Inspiring Belvedere Ideas

contemporary belvederes with super large glass window without frame

Most of people love having particular space to enjoy nice views but due to limited space of home, few of them decide to skip it. Related to this, there is an architectural structure used to maximize your view potential. It’s called belvedere. Belvedere is originally derived from belvidere (Italian) meaning


Transitional Style, Essential Things to Get That Style

transitional seating corner white lounge chair with longer chaise and tufted upholstery dusty white curtains modern floor lamp vintage Moroccan rug in light color

Can’t identify between contemporary and traditional? Maybe traditional means heavy fabrics, tall drapes, and huge porcelains, while modern is identical with minimalist furnishing pieces and clean-line look. But if your taste in the middle of these decor ideas, your favorite design is called transitional. The idea is so perfect for


Free Yourself to Get Your Hygge just with These Stylish & Comfy Chairs

oversized beanbag in deep blue with sewn accents

Ideal chairs are those providing coziness and meeting your personal style. Chairs should also be timeless and chic so it can be used in any periods of style. No wonder if chairs are categorized as one of best investments to sit on. They’re also the good spot for catnaps or


Best Gray Shades for Interiors, Top Designers Share

Deep Space wall paint idea by Benjamin Moore

Gray is one of neutral hues owning many advantages. The color can bring good mood just through its ambiance-maker. It also deals with serene and calm look. For more exciting tone, gray can be combined with poppy or bold colors. Then, what are designers saying? Here, we’ve collected top designers’


Ten Scandinavian Decor Pieces Need to Own for Updated Scandinavian Home

vintage moroccan area rug with modern line accents

We all know that Scandinavian decor style mostly performs light, airy, and minimalist look. This idea has been brought by so many Scandinavian architects and designers  like Fritz Hansen from Denmark. It seems that Nordic countries have been talented in art especially the art of cozy interior decors. From this,