10 Tips To Implement Fresh & New Bohemian To Your Home

bold painting with textured wood frame geometric hallway bench with different pattern and color throw pillows light wood floors

New Bohemian is creative, unique, and different in style. This style firstly appears in 19th century in France. Bohemian itself means out of the comfort and conventional zone, and actually the movement of Bohemian ends at early 20th century. New Bohemian society can be obviously marked from the way they


Need Best Spot To Curl Up During Summer? These Contemporary Rustic Bedrooms Are Perfect Recommendations

light wood wall panel white bed linen deep olive green duvet cover and pillows tree trunk side tables modern pendant lantern in white

Just imagine you can relax in a dreamy nook of your bedroom. It must be so fun and cozy. Here I want to share the coziest bedroom designs as the best options for curling up during Spring and Summer. These bedrooms are mostly designed in contemporary rustic that obviously delivers


Neo Rustic Bedroom Designs: The Fresher and More Sophisticated Ones Than Classic Rustic

white walls sheer canopy curtains in white exposed wood beams white tile floors

We all know that rustic is closely connected to some features such as deep textured timber use, cabin-like interiors & exteriors, lots of logs, and warm look, but what about neo rustic? Neo rustic is fresher and more sophisticated with complex vibes. Like today, I wanna share ten best designs


Teepee Tent Bed Designs: Instant Solution to Style The Kids Room

tipi bed frame with headboard and sideboard white mattreess with fluffy pillow around it

It’s always fun to make our kids happy and one of the ways is by redecorating the kids room with the dreamy decor idea. There are so many options of bedroom decor ideas for kids and Scandinavian-style decorating is the most favorite one. Of course we want to add a


Highlight Your Kitchen Only By Re-Installing These Cool Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Boho tiled backsplash in bold emerald black kitchen countertop blue kitchen cabinets stainless steel utensils

Kitchen is the second ‘home’ for people with huge interest in cooking or food styling, and this place should be cozy as these people can spend their hours here. Even today, kitchen in the open-space can be the alternative spot for working, welcoming and gathering the visiting guests, and even


10 Homeware Trends Definitely Be The Key Looks In This Year

rattan lounge chair in shabbier living coral throw blanket with ornate tassels

Taken from the site I just visited on the internet, there are ten hottest homeware trends that are predicted to be the key looks for any interiors of home. The homeware consists of materials, finishes, and color hues that will definitely be the big hits in this year. See the


Best Finds: Warm, Soft-Neutral, and Earthy Interior Designs for Homie Living Space

log bamboo bed frame tree trunk side table pendant with oversized craft lampshade

Anyone must have a dreamy house where we have a plan to live in and build most fun living experience with the lovely ones. Sometimes we need a special home decor idea that fairly meets with our personal style and warm, soft-neutral, and earthy is just one of them. Well,


10 DIY Planter Ideas Really Easy To Make

concrete planter in white with colorful clay petals for the accents

It must be fun to deal with all about creativity. We can maximize our creativity we have to create something useful, beautiful, and of course satisfying ourselves. For home, for instance, there are so many things that actually can be produced only with our creativity, and they must be more


Best Recommended Bedroom Designs with Earthy and Rich Texture Terracotta

whitewashed brick walls midcentury modern wood bedside table with single drawer terracotta bed treatment

New month, new bedroom! Maybe this will be a great idea or a new beginning to refresh the mind to keep feeling homey during at home. The re-setting idea of course will help to get more stylish and more personal look of bedroom. One of considered things when doing re-decorating


Warm Home Decor Ideas for Homey Feel & Stated Style

warm industrial workspace black piping shelves with wood panels minimal wood working desk Scandinavian working chair cream concrete walls and floors herringbone patterned area rug in monochrome

Decorating a house is really closely connected to personal option because it’s fairly different with each individual. There are many options of home decor ideas and each has a special feature and character. Warm decor is just one of them; the decor simply brings the comfort both in visualization and