10 Inspiring Ideas of Spring-Themed Home Designs

gray sofa decorative pillows in dark blue textured area rug gold toned side table light wood floors modern floor lamp with white lampshade

Welcoming spring is always be fun and get the different experience of welcoming by re-decorating your home with colors and theme of spring. Both colors and theme could freshen up the space and keep the winter away by using the simple lighting, furnishings, and pop of colors to your home


10 Fun Applications of Green Marble for Homes

green marble side table with round surface and brass legs glass vase living flower

Applying green marble in home exactly adds huge charms and classic touch but it’s expensive for sure. Sometimes, the price isn’t a serious matter for achieving an ultimate result of green marble application for home. Here, I want to share some great ideas of green marble applications for home that


10 Ultimate Carpet Trends 2018

recycled carpet made of recycled plastic bottles

Make your home so trendy and up-to-date just starting from your home floors. Use these best and inspiring carpet trends to cover up your floors and be ready to get the most significant transformation on your home base. These products are durable as well as stylish for all home designs.


10 Inspiring Designs of Scandinavian Bathrooms with Black Shade Addition

Scandinavian bathroom with dark tiles backsplash black round framed mirror marble walls wood vanity light cream shug run rug black coated bathtub

Love the clean look and aesthetic value of Scandinavian bathrooms? Scandinavian bathrooms put the functional, simple, and light colored as the key principals, but in my gallery, you’ll see ten ideas of Scandinavian bathrooms with darker shade addition that can work wonderfully. It’s true that a Scandinavian bathroom can fit


An Inspiring Dream House with Scandinavian Style Design

large and high formal living room in Scandinavian style white ceilings with exposed beams L shaped sofa with facing chaise blue velvet rug black wrought industrial coffee table huge pop art

Scandinavian style in home design and architecture performs functionality and minimal look. Every detail of design offers cozy and relaxed visualization. The grand design is also exposing huge modernity and lightness, especially in neutral colors use. And, simplicity becomes another manifestation of Scandinavian concept. Here are some ideas of Scandinavian


10 Ideas of Scandinavian Style Bathroom for Light & Fresh Bathroom Look

simple Scandinavian bathroom white bathtub with white ceramic tiled base freestanding stainless steel faucet mosaic tiled floors and wall wood ladder rack for towel wall mounted toilet in white

The key principles of Scandinavian style are functionality, minimalism, and simplicity, but in many cases, they come along with pastel and white shades, as well as the black and light wood addition when we’re talking about the Scandinavian interior style, including Scandinavian bathroom. You can discover more designs of Scandinavian


Ten Inspiring Designs of Mid Century Modern Light Fixtures, the Great Options for more Glam but Simple Homes

mid century modern dining room giant decorative R in blue industrial dining furniture wood reclaimed floors small planthouse in pots

Some people say that mid century trends have run out. It is true but when the trends are combined with modern touch, they’re gonna be most stylish ones. Mid century modern lighting is just one of mid century modern’s trends now often used especially for modern or contemporary home designs.


10 Cool Attic Designs for More Usable Space

small attic bedroom for twin kids classic styled twin beds in white turquoise rug exposed wood ceiling beams white wall and floor

Attic is commonly kept as the empty space, but most people in current days prefer using it as more usable space like attic bedrooms, storage, or even seating corner for fun conversation. With plenty of natural light, this space is recommended for most-used rooms with cozy feel. The attics are


Stone Bathroom Ideas, Giving Originally Natural Appeal

modern rustic bathroom design stone wall wood bathroom vanity with black countertop wood framed mirror purple rug gray tiled floors

Stone is a beautiful gift from Earth and has been used as one of basic materials for any constructions, including living spaces (homes and apartments). Stone bathrooms are just the few examples how the material can be flexibly used for any space of home. The stone addition in a bathroom


Let’s Create A Living Accent just By Adding Refreshing & Growing Houseplants to Your Home

contemporary bathroom vanity wall mounted wood vanity with glass sink and separated cabinets black accent table white pot for jade plants red tiled floors warm lighted lamp

Houseplants are always interesting to add to any styles of home. Most people choose the plants as the interior plants as they’re practical and beautiful to display. They’re also so appealing and can be the living accents for home interior. The houseplants with mini appearance make them easier to put