3 Essential Considerations in Choosing Paint Color for Your Bedroom Wall

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Light Orang Painted Wall White Bedframe Elephant Shaped Furniture Orange Bedsheet And Pillow White Painted Ceiling Orange Bedroom Scheme Warm Color Bedroom
Lime Green Painted Wall Lime Green Window Curtain Lime Green Swivel Chair Lime Green Bedsheet Green Floor Rug Lime Green Bedroom Color Scheme Beautiful Color Bedroom
Dark Brown Painted Wall Dark Wooden Floor White Unique Bedframe White Nightstand White Chest Green Furry Comfotable Ruh Wihte Painted Ceiling Earth Toned Color Bedroom Beautiful Bedroom
Sky Blue Painted Wall Sky Blue Carpet Floor White Side Table White Drawer White Chest Vintage Patterned Blanket Sky Blue Painted Ceiling Great Bedroom Color Cool Colors For Bedroom
Violet Painted Wall White Painted Ceiling Cozy Violet Rug Gray Steeled Bedframe Violet Blanket White Wooden Bed Side Table Beautiful Pendant Lamp Beautiful Color Ideas For Bedroom
Creame Painted Wall Light Wooden Varnished Floor Dark Wooden Chest Dark Wooden Nightstand Dark Wooden Bedframe Pattened Floor Rug White Painted Ceiling Beautiful Bedroom Color Scheme
White Painted Wall Red Painted Wall Light Wooden Floor White Fuury Rug Futuristic Bedframe White Bedsheet White Painted Ceiling Red And White Bedroom Color Scheme
Gray Painted Wall Dark Wooden Chest Dark Wooden Cabinets Dark Wooden Nightstand Dark Wooden Bedframe Dark Wooden Wardrobe Large Floor Rug Colorful Striped Bedsheet Gray Bedroom Colors
Orange Painted Wall Dark Wooden Floor Creame Floor Rug White Painted Ceiling White Bedframe White Chair White Shelves Orang Simple Chandelier Orange Bedroom Color Warm Color For Bedroom
Pale Orange Painted Wall White Ceramic Floor Particleboard Bed Frame Particleboard Storages Particleboard Wardrobe Brown Floor Rug Beautiful Bedroom Color Ideas

Bedroom is almost like your own heavenly breathing place, and selecting paint color for your private space is not necessarily like picking your favorite color. Color, in fact, is believed to create an impact psychologically. To add more comfortable feeling, selecting the color for bedroom wall should be appropriately adjusted.

1. Size. Your bedroom size will have something to do with the paint color. Within a small space, lighter colors are solution to create larger and more open room, and with darker color, your bedroom will appear smaller. Not only that, dark color tone has strong power that can affect your mood.

2. Color Psychology. Prior to painting a bedroom, it’s essential to understand knowledge on color and its various impacts to human psychology, so you can choose whatever color depending on what kind of vibe you want to have. Picking the warm colors is wonderful option to create comfortable and energizing feeling. Some cool colors, like blue, is suitable to evoke clean and fresh ambiance around the space.

3. Furniture Color Scheme. Your bedroom furniture is the best clue to decide what paint color that will work the bedroom. Check out your furniture color scheme, and paint your bedroom wall in similar color scheme to offset the entire look. Or, you can play safe using neutral colors, like white and gray that can match perfectly with any color of your furniture.

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