Upgrade Your Interior Look with Painting Fabric Furniture Style

Now, it is no longer the time to throw up every waste inside your house aside of the organic one. Taking advantage on them must be a wise idea that will save your budget as well as the environment. Then the question is what kind of furniture in your house which you are going to upgrade? If you have some old chair designs, let’s renew it with painting fabric furniture idea!

Yeah, chair, couch and sofa are all the easiest to find fabric furniture that you can renew. For instance, you have an old dining chair which is designed in dull white color. Then, to transform it into the new one, you need to paint the fabric bolster with some pattern that you like!

Even a rattan sofa can be the target of the project by taking the bolster and give it renovation of beautiful pattern! Floral pattern is the best one to invade the design with tropical look. Aside of the bolster, don’t forget to balance the frame tone as well.

Making your sectional sofa as rich canvas is a nice idea, and applying different design for each section will make the seating looks even more adorable. Sweet combination of pink and soft blue tone is the best one to give smooth outlook!

Meanwhile, if you do love artistic stuff, abstract painted chairs are such good idea to fill your porch with not only comfort but also style. appearing in various colors, I guess everybody has his or her own taste to choose.

When will you transform your own old furniture?

Reference: www.addicted2decorating.com

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