Falling in Love with Travertine Pavers Pool Deck

When looking for the best material for pool deck most people expect one that is durable, non-slip surface and capable of pulling out pleasant appearance of the pool area. These are among the reasons why you should choose travertine pavers pool deck. Its affordable price is another reason why travertine pavers are people’s most favorite material for pool deck.

Travertine, which has been used as building material since the ancient times, is a natural stone included in limestone and marble family. Nowadays it is popularly used for wall, patios, floors, countertops, sinks, showers, tubs and pool decks. Travertine is range in colors such as ivory, gold, walnut, red, and others. In the market you will find three different grades of this natural stones namely commercial, standard and premium. These grades are categorized by the size, number of holes and the color uniformity of the rock. Higher quality grade will cost bigger amount of money. There are three types of travertine pavers surface that is tumbled (porous), honed (soft and matte) and polished (soft and glossy).

In addition to several advantages mentioned above, there are some other benefits of travertine pavers pool deck. The natural stone is known to be a great heat resistant material which will save your feet from burning heat during the summer time. Furthermore travertine pavers are easy to be maintained. If you find any damage or cracks to be replaced, you just need to pull them. Its durable nature also protects the color to last over time making it easier to find substitute stone for improvement. In short, travertine pavers pool deck is the best selection you can have for both quality and attractiveness.

Reference: houzz.com

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