A Modern Way of Shelving: Peliship Sailing Shapes

Regular shelves that are commonly found to store books or magazine collections are often shaped in plain wood bar. Its large surface can hold some piles of books or even other ornaments as embellishment. In this digital world, where recently books are magazine can be accessed online, a recent way of shelving has been a new refreshment in order to cope with urban and mobile living.

The idea of refining the shelving unit has been developed by David Hsu Design, an American Studio, which works together with Elkamii, offering a solution of what the contemporary shelves are supposed to be. The designers introduced a unique kind of shelving in totally unpredictable shapes, the Peliship sailing shapes in which the design influences are from the pelican’s beaks and boat. At the brief look, the shelves resemble the shape of a boat and somehow pelican’s beaks, and the interesting part is as it’s hanged at the wall, the shelves looks like it is sailing in an empty space. The wooden element becomes its primary material, and the grains of the wood beautifully form a nice metaphor to the water wavelet.

The appropriate positioning for these modern shelving are best placed in clean and smooth wall, arranged in different or similar directions. Only available Maple and Walnut, this Peliship shaped shelves can win over the spectators’ heart, making it a focal point in the entire space. It also functions as a showcase for some treasured stuff that reminisces childhood or never-to-be-forgotten memories

Reference: www.diy-wood-boat.com

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