Perennial Zone 7 that will Adorn Your Beautiful Garden with Its Lovely Colorful Flower

Having a house with a beautiful garden will add a natural and lovely visualization in your house. If your house located on zone 7 such as North Carolina, Arkansas, southern Oklahoma, western South Carolina and eastern Virginia, northern parts of Texas, Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia, planting perennials is a good choice to beautify your garden. Yeah, this perennial grows abundantly in a relatively mild temperature, that is 0 – 10 degree Fahrenheit.

If you are attracted to plant the perennials, you can plant the perennial zone 7 in your whole garden or combine it with other flowers to give various wonderful visualizations in your garden. As the growing of the perennial often increase each year, you can easily move the perennials to other spot in your garden area.

In addition, there are various perennials that can bloom in zone 7 with various colors and sizes that obviously make your garden striking and wonderful. For instance, you can plant yellow perennials like gold plate and moonshine which are suitable for dry area. Those yellow perennials are also available in various sizes.

If you love blue scheme to be presented in your garden, you can decide to plant blue perennials zone 7 such as aster, and monkshood. Alternatively, you can plant blue cardinal flowers like Lobelia which grows well in a wet area.

Then, orange perennials will cheer your garden up with its eye-catching colors. For example, you can plant daily hybrid and Double Doodah. By planting those perennials, you can attract the butterfly to come in your garden.

To make your garden more attractive with those perennial, you can also think about adorning your garden with a garden bench and fence. You can also build a gazebo for family gathering spaces.


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