Perfect Bathroom Lighting Ideas

There is an old saying that the behavior of house owners can be seen through their bathroom. Whether it is true or not, many of us would strive for having clean and comfortable one. The next question is how to add comfortable vibe in the bathroom with just one handy trick. To answer this, maybe now it’s about a time to take a glimpse of the lighting and give it a little bit touch with these lighting ideas for bathroom.

If you think that a chandelier may perfectly work well only in bedroom or living room, there’s nothing wrong about installing a chandelier within your bathroom. Not only it gives style, but the chandelier that illuminates the room will also function to provide tranquil lighting. The best spot to hang this chandelier is above your bathtub with proportional height to avoid your head hits any part of the lighting fixture.

Other scheme is by attaching two pendant lamps flanking your bathroom mirror. Thus, when you mirror yourself, you will get better lighting. This idea is a good option to bring more elegance within your bathroom, making it such a special place to get yourself dolled up.

Another suggestion is by placing a crystal pendant lamp above your sink and mirror. The faint light from the lamp will softly illuminate the whole room, simply making your bathroom cozy enough to indulge in the hot water. In addition, the sparkling glow from the fixture can give magical glint into your bedroom.


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