Perfect Forest House Ideas – Heaven for Nature Lover

It used to be the downtown area becomes the wanted spot to nest, work and hang out. Now, the style has changed and down the city is no longer as interesting as it used to be. It is crowded, troublesome and also boring to only watch a movie, snacking around or even sitting on a bar. Deserving different style of living, you can try to own a forest home design which offers you perfect architectural building as well as view!

It is te first house that gives awesome treat to the eyes. The roll shaped building has two other eggs on the other side. They are all completed with open plan that let the occupants to enjoy the outdoor view gorgeusly. The architectural design itself is a plsuh that becomes the pride of everyone living inside.

Another design is a house which looks like a ship with mounted cone. Sited beneath shady tree, it becomes the focal point of the wide wild forest, and the mountainous view behind is the priceless angle that you cannot miss even just a second.

Do you dream to have a lake house? it must be great to live aside a lake, and with lush forest behind the house, the living gonna be more awesome to enjoy everyday. Deserving to have everyday vacation, this house is the perfect retreat to stay at!

The next one is a three storey forest house design with full open concept applied to all the siding. It gives perfect accessible connection from indoor to outdoor. Nothing becomes the flaw in the design, it is just wonderful!


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