Perform High-End Concrete Finish with A Bit Rustic to Your Home with These Inspiring Ideas

modern rustic living room with concrete walls wood windows' trims wood stair's railings exposed wood beams earthy brown leather chaises textural blue white rug floating wood credenza with handcra Desire To Inspire

What will you do if you see a luxurious and grand space with high end concrete finish & rustic? It must be awesome, but then we’re gonna think about how the furniture, rug, and interior accessories? Do we need the expensive ones? But we worry that we can’t afford them? Just use them as the inspiration. We can adopt the idea and replace the expensive ones with the affordable ones. And for making us so sure about the style, here I will share the great concrete and rustic-label interiors inspired from one of the best home interiors in Venice. By attaching the pics from each interior, at least you’ll know about the interior details.

We start from the living room. I can say this living room is the combination of modern and rustic style. Rustic touch is obviously felt from the color and material choice (earthy and neutral palettes and nature-source materials like organic woods and leathers). And about the design, the space simply uses modern style emphasizing the simple and clean line look. What about the rug and credenza? They don’t seem simple, but full of textural colors and handcrafted details. Yes, it’s true. It seems that the designer wants to put something obvious either the color or texture. Really complex, right?

Really calming but still elegant. This bathroom displays a simple concrete finishing which is furnished by clean line appliances. And look at the lighting choice and shower appliances; they’re adopted from the industrial style.

If you love the artistic artworks, you could add some favorite artworks for wall decors, and garnish another wall with glorious wallpaper like this one.

It’s always matched to combine black leather with patterned object like this floor. The lower industrial pendant, of course, will add a dramatic lighting effect. The gold finish applied on lampshade and window’s trims exactly give luxurious glows in the middle of concrete walls.

It looks like a floating interior stair, and the most interesting thing is the railings. The railings are made of wood planks and fully installed from the base to top, giving an aesthetic value as well as a perfect safety. The concrete walls, in addition, perform muted and neutral appearance in this space.

This is the stairs’ wood plank railings taken from different angle. The planks are simply installed side by side and there is little space remaining that creates see-through effect against the concrete wall. Another attractive thing is the concrete stair’s side wall in which it obviously offers a pretty contrast against the wood element.

Concrete can also be transformed into the lighter one. Like this idea, the concrete walls are painted in two ways: white on top and light concrete-tone on base, resulting contrary but cohesive color combination. Light-toned sofa featuring wood-finishing chair & coffee table here add the richness of Scandinav-rustic concept, as what the main theme says.

Vintage meets rustic. I love the combination of square tiles and concrete walls which is separated by a single shelf. Based on the color, they’re rather similar, but not the texture. The pendants addition here definitely gives a dramatic as well as functional accent in top area.

This patio has fully natural & earthy palettes. They play on a contrary beauty that performs dark and bright shades. The wood element, in obvious way, is emphasized for a real rustic, while concrete facade truly showcases a village-feel inspired from traditional Greek.

Still talking about the same design; this one is front porch which exposes natural fiber mat as the wall decor. Yes indeed, the mat looks so shabby and old, but it beautifully garnishes the concrete wall. And the whole setting really meets the theme goal.

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