Creative Idea of Pet Window Perch for Small Room

Do you like to keep a pet like dog or cat? If you do like keeping a pet, you must give your pet a nice place to relax. There are many ideas to make our pet feel comfortable while enjoying the day. In this case you can create such a perch. This perch can placed near the window, so your pet will easily see the view through the window.

Let us see the sample in the picture, there is a window perch for pet which has nice concept. This perch has stair, so you pet will be easily climbing it up. Moreover, this perch is made of wood, but it is covered by soft perch cover which has brown accent. The other perch has another concept which has simpler than the previous one. This perch has no stair at all, it is just like a floating perch near a window. It is covered by a cool green perch cover. This perch is perfect for your cat to be relax.

You can also build the bigger one. This big perch can load two pets at once. This you can choose the softer material for the cover of this perch. The soft perch can make your pet more relax and feel comfortable. Or you can make the best one by creating such a wonderful modern perch. This perch is still made of wood with white accent. The design is more perfect and finer. The surface used is also soft and comfortable. When your pet is on this perch, your pet will feel enjoyable and feel comfortable while seeing the good view from the window.


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