Photo Hanging Clips: Designs and Materials

Putting the photos onto the picture frames is so common. If you want to have more creative way of decorating your bedroom or another private room with your photo collections, you seem need to apply this idea. Hanging up your photos by using photo hanging clips is a great and cool idea for creating a new room look. Like hanging your laundry, you can do the same with your photos.

So many types of photo hanging clips are produced. They are designed for similar purpose but different way of implementation. The most common hanging clips are just the clips hang on wire. Yet, few of other clip products are completed with hook-head as the hooker toward the screws installed onto the wall system.

The way of using photo hanging clips is similar to the way of using laundry clips. We just slip the photo through the clip and then string the photo onto that clip. In just few seconds, you can create a stylish photo display in your room. In our gallery, we have shared several photo hanging clip ideas in different materials and designs. If you want to make your own photo hanging clips, we will give great references of the things you can use for making your own photo clips.

Use some re-use things, such as cloth hangers, pegs plus string, peg plus wire, clip boards, ribbon plus bulldog clips, and hooks. Like new photo hanging clip products above, these handmade photo hanging clips are also attractive and effective to use. Please, try them out.


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