Platner Side Table Design Ideas

One thing in your room can be your room icon design style, including platner. Platner comes from awesome interior designer called Warren Platner. He created unique furniture design for you that become a symbol of modern and contemporary style. Platner is kind of decorative leg, so t is suitable for your chair leg or table leg. Platner side table is modern furniture which is available for any room in your home.

Platner table can be your living room table, your dining room main table, or even your outdoor table for your pool furniture. Platner is table leg and the surface is usually combined with glass or wood material. If you wish for more futuristic room design style, it will be better to choose platner table with glass surface on it. Choose high platner for your dining room table and small platner as your living room coffee table.

Platner can be amazing design idea too to decor your room. Platner can be your lamp standing place for creating antique concept of lighting. If you want to have simple table size to put your books or your snack, it is very recommended to have platner side table. The size is smaller than big table for your main furniture, but it is so worthy to have it to decor your room entrance or your bedroom as furniture addition.

Platner is a solution for you who still confused to choose simple furniture design but friendly to your budget. Using platner, you will give your own room cool design style by its appearance.

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