Awesome Porcelain Marble Look for Several Room Design

Luxurious house should have a nice flooring design. Perhaps, you prefer the classic flooring design which uses wooden material concept. A lot of people are eager to have the modern concept for their home flooring. Modern flooring has various designs, one of them is Porcelain design. This porcelain has typical design like marble look for some cases. This post will discuss about porcelain that looks like marble which is applied in bedroom, living room, and bathroom wall and floor.

Porcelain marble look can be applied in bathroom floor designing. How does actually this marble tile look? You can see the pictures below, porcelain marble look has very glassy concept with some abstract decoration. This porcelain design commonly uses white coloring. This awesome porcelain marble look is kind of modern design. Instead of floor, porcelain marble look can be applied on bedroom wall. As the writer says, this porcelain design always has white coloring with abstract decoration.

However, there is other porcelain marble look with different concept. This porcelain design is applied at dining room flooring. The color used is not common. It has grey glassy coloring with abstract decoration. This seems so perfect combined with white dining chairs and glassy dining table. It is so perfect since the tiles have wooden look design on its edge. Using this marble porcelain concept, any room will look so luxurious and modern.

Living room with porcelain marble look is also perfect idea. This porcelain design is very adorable with young brown pattern design. The white furniture like sofa and table makes it so awesome. This living room with porcelain design looks so luxurious and expensive. It seems that this house is very expensive. This living room seems use so many luxurious stuffs.


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