Pot Rack with Lights

There are recent kitchen tools and equipment that you use often everyday. It doesn’t feel easy and flexible when you put it back inside your kitchen cabinet after you wash it. Simple way to put your pans or other daily kitchen stuffs is hanging it on pot rack. Pot rack is like towel rack, useful to hang some things which are still wet after you use or wash it. Pot rack in the kitchen is usually installed on the ceiling right above the kitchen island.

Idea of using useful stuffs for designing and decorating room in your home is important, including pot rack for your kitchen. Besides using pot rack to hang off your kitchen stuffs, you should better use it with additional purpose, it is about having pot rack with lights. If you install kitchen lights directly above your kitchen island then you cover it with pot rack, you will not get maximal lighting inside your kitchen. That’s why you need to have multi function pot rack with lights.

It is like having chandelier in your kitchen but it is also useful for your kitchen equipment. Before you install your kitchen pot rack with lights, you need to measure the distance between your kitchen ceiling and your kitchen island. It is not good to have long kitchen pot rack, you may hit your head on it, then it is also not recommended to have too short kitchen pot rack from your own reach.

Try to observe your reach of hand and your family member hand too to kitchen ceiling. Using accurate measurement, you can enjoy put your kitchen stuffs on pot rack without having any difficulties to put it.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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