Pottery Barn Wreath Decorations

Pottery barn wreath is a decorative item which is usually applied in the wall of home. It is not true that a wreath just is often found when Christmas comes or nearly comes. There are many kinds of wreath decorations applied out of Christmas Day. We can find them in the houses where the wreath lovers live in. There are many types of pottery barn wreath for the outdoor. Faux pine wreath is one of popular wreath-wall decorations that commonly set up as Christmas decoration. Perhaps it is very common and easy to find when we are celebrating Christmas Day. Faux pine wreath is made from plastic shining like metallic-finish glass.

If you want to create an artistic but easy to be made, you can try to make this wreath. A lavender wreath can be your choice to give natural touch to your outdoor wall. The wreath offers radiant purple color. Its soft fragrance makes everyone around it keep staying for longer. To make this one, you just need the ring base which is made from wires, lavender, and ribbon.

Pumpkin is not merely popular for Halloween. Small pumpkin can also be used as the main material to build a beautiful and attractive pottery barn wreath. Colorful gourds and small pumpkin will be prettier if they are completed with the real berries and oak leaves which are arranged altogether as a ring of wreath. Hang it on the entry door as welcome sign to the guests.

Actually there are more creative selections of wreaths that can be practiced at home. You can make one of them by your own hands. The materials are easy to afford. You can other natural materials around you if you want to create a new pottery barn wreath.

Reference: www.potterybarn.com

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