Giving a Pretty Touch for Your Front Entry

Front entry is often neglected because most people enter their house directly from the garage door. Only guests use the front door frequently and of course, it will be embarrassing if your front entry lacks of maintenance. The sconce nearly falls and the paint starts to crack and peel may happen once you take look at the entry carefully. Some fixes and upgrade are needed, and you can see some tips below to enhance your front house’s appearance.

Replacing your light fixture is the first simple step that can give huge change for your facade. When you choose the lighting, you have to consider the style of your house. It will turn out weird if you attach an old fashioned wall lantern while your entry has contemporary design. Additionally, to make your entry fresher, you can add some plants. Climbing vines around the posts or railing on your porch is a great choice. You can also just place two big containers or small hanging planters on either side of your entry.

For a unique yet daring change, you can paint the front door with bold color, such as vibrant blue, pumpkin orange, red blood, mint green, or strawberry pink. The energetic door combines well with neutral door frame’s color and natural outdoor wall. The other vivacious decoration that you can put on the facade is welcome mat. Many beautiful mats with various designs and materials are available in the market now. Finally, change your house numbers and your mailbox into the fancier one will make you have a new gorgeous front entry.


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