Proper Hanging Lights for Bedroom

Many factors have to be considered when choosing the lighting for bedroom because the right lighting will play a major role for making you feel comfortable. Most bedrooms have a central ceiling light to light the entire room. However, floor lamps, table lamps, and wall sconces also can add comfortable feeling. Besides, in the bedroom, you may often reading and getting dressed. Therefore, any kind of lights is actually great for your purposes if you place it in proper height. To get the proper hanging lights for bedroom, you should consider some factors such as the size and the style of the light, the height of the ceiling, and personal preference.

The size and the style of the light depend on the scale of the room. For example, if the room is an oversized bedroom with high ceilings, you can have larger size of table lamps next to the bed. The general rule is that if the nightstand is 24” to 30” tall, the lamps should be at least 27” to 32” tall.

One of great ways to provide proper lights for bedroom is using pendants. Bedroom pendant lights are hung either side of the bed or the center of the room. If you decide to hang on the side of the bed, you should make sure to have a space between the bedside tabletop and the pendant. It is also critical to choose the right pendants, which not only focus directly down on the surface below it, but also spread through the shade.

These pictures are some great ideas and examples of hanging lights for bedroom.


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