Reclaimed Wood Mantels for A Rustic or Antique Fireplace Look

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Hardwood Mantel Idea With Deep Brown Finishing For A Fireplace
Dark Brown Wood Finished Mantel For Metal Fenced Fireplace Unit
Old Look Wood Fireplace Mantel Idea
Reclaimed Wood Mantel Decoration Over Modern Fireplace Framed With Wrought Iron
A Unique Fireplace Framed By Reclaimed Wood Mantel In Rustic Style
Wood Fireplace Mantel In Rustic Style Installed Over Black Framed And Glass Door Fireplace Unit
Glass Door And Wrought Iron Framed Fireplace Garnished With A Reclaimed Wood Mantel
Reclaimed Wood Mantel For A Rustic Style Fireplace A Set Of Living Room Furniture With Orange Strips Decoration
Shabby And Reclaimed Wood Mantel Installed Over A Rustic Style Fireplace
Reclaimed Wood Mantel For Outdoor Fireplace

Reclaimed wood mantels applied for fireplace are the instant way to create an antique or rustic fireplace look. They are made of many wood material choices, especially high quality solid woods which are transformed into reclaimed wood look. Such mantel obliviously shows the material’s roughness as original as it is. It also presents how simple but strong character of warmth fireplace mantel. That’s why most antique and rustic lovers are using reclaimed wood mantels for adding nuance of warmth in a living space.

Reclaimed wood mantels are made from the finest and most gorgeous hand-hewn timbers. This makes the perfect mantels and adds a natural and tranquil element to modern or rustic home’s interior design. there are huge selections of reclaimed wood fireplace mantels you can take. They obviously beautiful and structurally solid. All reclaimed wood mantels are produced by professionals who work with good precision and skill.

If you carefully see the details, the reclaimed wood mantels have best customized- cut and specifications as what the customers need. The length, texture of wood surface, and finishing are specified based on the customers want. As the materials are the finest woods, the products are good in durability. Each reclaimed wood mantels is originally unique structure.

If you have a big interest on the series of reclaimed wood mantels, please freely choose one that suits your specifications. The following are some samples of reclaimed wood fireplace mantels may attract you. Just visit our gallery below and find one which one that fit your desired product.


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