Step by Step to Do-it-Yourself Refinish Front Door

Sun, wind and rain all can worsen the finish of wood front door as well as break the wood itself over the time. Here is guideline to Do-Your-Own refinish front door. The first step is removing the door from its hinges by hammering them out from the bottom since sanding and refinishing a horizontal object will be much easier. Then bring the door to a garage for sanding and refinishing step. To prevent any damage to the surface make sure to place the door on the top of padded sawhorses.

The next step to refinish front door will be removing the lockset, deadbolt and any other hardware. Then by using an orbital sander you can sand off the old finish while hard-to-reach areas such as moldings will require sanding by hand. After that stain the door by wiping or brushing the stain on followed by finish it with UV resistant exterior polyurethane. Before going for the second layer, you can slightly sand the door with sandpaper.

Next thing is installing a brass doorknocker by drilling. Now you are moving to the next step of reinstalling the door by bring it back to the house. Tap the hinge pins back by using a hammer and then install the lockset and deadbolt. If you are unsure of doing it yourself you can simply go for a professional expert. By doing it yourself, it usually costs approximately $120 to refinish front door but the new appearance of the door itself will bring more than visual improvement of your entire house.


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