Residential Urinal with Waterless Feature: A Solution to Water Efficiency

Residential urinal with waterless feature seems a great and precise solution to water efficiency. Nowadays, water conservation needs to increase. With using this kind of urinal, we can save around 15.000 to 45.000 gallons of waters every year. Even more, it can save more than 3.000 gallons of water each year in a residential area. Urinal with waterless feature is a model of urinal with no-water flush. In past years ago, the urinals are used for home only, but now they are now using for commercial buildings.

There is a particular variant of urinal special for residential use. It is called as Baja, a residential urinal made in China model. Generally, urinal with waterless feature works in some steps. First, urinal collects the urine in its U-shape tube. Second, urinal blocks the urine’s odor. The newest residential urinal products are completed with sealant to cover the surface of urinal units. This material is capable of preventing the odor releases. Some manufacturers use special feature called mechanical traps in waterless urinal units. These mechanical traps have similar function to U-shape cartridge or the sealant to prevent the odor releases.

Talking more about residential urinal, actually there is only few selections you can choose. The differences are on the size or height, colors, and designs. The pictures of urinal units with waterless feature can be seen in next part of this article.

So, for you who takes your concern on water efficiency, residential urinal with waterless feature can be your best reference for your home urinal unit. It will offer you simple way how to be more responsible to the nature.


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