Creative Installation of Room Partition in Large Spacious Room

If you have so big house and has big space, you must need to share it for other room function. Room partition is kind of border concept which borders single room into two rooms. There are so many room partitions design that can be applied. This special post will show you some pictures about the design. It possibly can help you to build your own room partition.

Let us start from the best one. This room partition is quite unique. Why the writer said so, because this room partition has shape like a bookshelf. Well, actually it is a bookshelf after we see it closely to the picture. This bookshelf room partition is made of wood with coloring concept. This bookshelf room partition divides a large living room into two. This concept is a perforated concept, so the bookshelf has no back wall. unlike the other bookshelf room partition showed in the picture where the bookshelf has back wall.

There is also other room partition which is can be moved everywhere, and we call it as portable room partition. This portable room partition is made of wood and has three parts that can be folded easily. Since, this is made of light wood, you can lift it either. This room partition is so beautiful with some wonderful decoration at the middle. Or you prefer the unique room partition. In this case, you can see the sample in the picture where there is a room partition with some round woods in white coloring. This room partition is more like a decoration rather than a partition.


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