Useful Tips for Choosing Right Rug for Dining Room

Deciding a rug for your dining room is not as easy as you think. If you choose the wrong one, you may have difficulties in cleaning the rug or you may be often tripped. A good choice of rug will enhance your dining room and you will more enjoy your meal.

The first thing you need to consider before buying a rug is the size. You should not buy a small rug because you can trip up the dining chair when you try to pull it. Therefore, your rug should have at least 24 inches or more in width measured from the end of each side of the dining table. Second, choose a rug that is short pile or flat weave so you can pull and push the dining chair easily. Do not forget to also select material that is easy to be cleaned, such as wool and cotton. Be careful if you want to try natural fiber material in your rug because it is one of the hardest-clean materials.

The next thing that you should think is the pattern and color. A rug can be a stylish focal point in your dining room if you can pick the right one. Playing with the neutral color is the safest strategy, but you have to be alerted that any light colors or pale hues will make your rug looks dirty faster than other colors. After you decide the pattern and color, it is time for you to settle on the shape. The rug shape depends on the room or dining table shape. If you have a round table, you had better to pick a round rug. The matching shape will make your dining room in delight.


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