Sauna and Bath Project – New Look

What else refreshing in the winter but enjoying sauna for an hour? Yeah, catching the cold winter is sometimes troublesome. Going outside is just not comfortable due to the snow flake, but being inside of the home the whole day is boring. Therefore, to spend the time with beneficial activity, you can enjoy the sauna. If you haven’t had it yet, then you must look on some sauna and bath project below!

Thsi is a tropical bath and sauna design, and the open concept gives perfect touch to the vibe. Through the glass siding applied, the occupant could see the outside view which is full of colorful plants and cherry blossom. Even the saune is designed in simple style, but the surrounding gives perfect feeling to relax.

The next design offers a luxurious bathroom idea with walk in sauna in small size. Although the design is not that bright like the previous one, it provides comfortable nuance to clean and enjoy the room with plenty of time!

Further, a sauna bath design looks great with swimming pool right before it. With its super wide glass door applied, nothing great but to enjoy some people swimming in the pool with blue water.

It is a corner sauna design that sites in a bathroom with spacious room to navigate. With the combination of beige and glass enclosure, this sauna bath looks perfect as well as playful at the same time.

Another luxurious design showcases a bathroom with open plan completed with long white bath tub. It comes with walk in sauna which is designed in quite large model. Awesome!


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