Apartment Design with Charming Scandinavian Touch in the Interior

Discussing apartment is always interesting, and it is like the struggle to make your throat wet by pouring some water into it while the sun is burning your head. Yeah, it is addictive that you cannot leave without a single smart decision. Then, what is the theme of your winter apartment? I think you need to refer to some scandinavian country like Denmark to make a whole renewed apartment interior design. it is basically meets your winter need without shaping so much different to spring to summer tone. Below you can check some ideas of apartment with charming scandinavian touch!

Starting from the living space, it is truly the dream one! It gives you warm without pressing you with others in a small space, but it opens the access of the traffic with super large space to navigate.

It is not the one which only deals with a set of four sofa, but there are so many types of seating that you can enjoy remembering that sitting along is the only thing that you can make fighting the cold winter. Red sofa, white sectional couch and also reclining are just sumptuous to make you comfortable!

The kitchen is straightly extended from the living room that is open and fresh with the appearance of the wooden cabinet, indoor plant and also city view outside!

I like how the small office is made in the cutest tone beneath the window placed aside a middle size indoor plant with wooden floor. The bedroom is much more inviting with stunning wooden shelves with unique shape on the wall!

Reference: www.decoist.com

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