Sepia: The Reddish-Brown Color That Will Always Exist In Every Home This Year

sepia colored duvet cover with tufted dots Pinterest

Sepia – reddish brown color – is being popular right now and this color is taken as one of most favorites for home decorating projects. Many people today choose it as vividly neutral color scheme that fits any color schemes especially gray, all-white, taupe, and black. It’s gonna be a color accent when applied in minimalist homes. Well, you’ve got a chance right now to try this kind color for your home and we want to help you in providing some cool sepia accents that probably match with your home decorating idea. Well, let’s start checking these items now and be ready to get inspired.

These sepia tiles in fireplace’s mantel offers a new look, giving the same tone with the fire inside. Visually, the tone brings warmth and art (specifically those having textured crafts of floral patterns).

Get stylish with this midcentury modern chair designed by West Elm. The chair is fully covered with sepia-toned velvet. It’s nice collaboration when the color gives so much warmth visually while the texture offers you huge comfort when used.

Designed by Bohemian designer, this throw pillow expresses the art of wild style. It’s made of polyester and pillow included. Its fury surface adds so much comfort when touched.


sepia colored towel made of cotton

Zara Home

What a lovely color! Sepia is chosen as the color that fully covers this expensive towel. What makes this special is the metallic thread border that visually gives a shimmer look.

A hand-woven jute runner – a playful item for home’s ground that can bring style by its color.

Sepia-colored duvet with metallic snap fastener. Smooth and fluffy surface makes it feels so comfortable. Its bold-neutral color of course can give a statement especially for clean line and minimalist interior.

Very best quality chair with sepia-colored seat. Actually, the seat is available in leather or upholstery. The seats harmonize with solid wood construction, creating a timeless collaboration. Perfect choice for classic & naturally warm dining furnishings.

Bold and traditional – this ottoman has given a space statement through its design obviously reflected the traditional value. It’s so interesting as it visualizes different touch among these modern furnishings.

Still be a statement of room with other warm-toned pieces of furniture and accessories. The throw pillow is the boldest among others; it makes you effortless to add something stunning to this space.

Unique and cozy feel. This duvet cover has tufted dots as the accents – giving textural surface in particular area.

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