Decorate Your Shady Areas with Beautiful Shade-Loving Plants

It is not completely true that stocking the shaded locations of your home with live plants is very tough. Why? Because there are some plants that grow well in the shady areas. Some of the plants for shady areas are Peace Lily, Chinese Evergreen, Thanksgiving Cactus, Snake Plants, and Burmese Fishtail Palm.

Peace Lily plants are a nice and popular choice for homes and office. It is the easiest plants to care for as indoor plants. Besides, these lovely plants are also good for health since they clean the air of the room. Lily plants only need medium to low light.

Whereas, the tropical foliage Chinese evergreen plant is one of the most durable because of its adaptation towards poor light, dry air, and drought. It is also one of the most popular plants, which grows in the home. It grows well in medium to low light and in indirect sunlight.

As the name implies, this Thanksgiving cactus blooms around Thanksgiving time. This shade-loving houseplant has smooth and fleshy leaves with pink flowers. As for Snake Plant, it can be the perfect houseplant because of its benefits. Snake plants can be neglected for weeks, but it still looks fresh. Snake plants also survive in drought and low light. Besides, these plants help us to keep the air clean in the house.

Another plant for shady areas is Burmese Fishtail Palm. The shape of the leaves is unique and it grows up to 6’ tall indoors. You can try the other plants for shady areas such as Flame Violet, Lady Palm, or Ivy plants.


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