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Short Curtain Rods Made Of Metal Floor To Ceiling Window Curtains In Brown White Window Blinds An Armoire With Glass Door A Vintage Storage In Black Finishing A Square Mirror With Frame A Dining Set
Short Rods For Glass Windows Blue Window Curtains Dark Leather Sofa In L Shape
Dark Finished Short Metal Rod With Metal Ring Pins And Glossy Brown Curtain
Contemporary Short Rods For Large Glass Windows
Very Short Curtain Rods Idea With Soft Pink Window Curtains Window Blind In White
Short Window Curtain Rods In Dark Finishing White Floor To Ceiling Window Curtains A Set Of Dining Furniture White Dining Carpet Pendant Chandelier Fixture
Short Rod Idea Which Is Made Of Steel
Gold Finished Rod Idea In Short Size A White Sofa Clear Acrylic Center Table Cowhide Area Rug
Short Curtain Rods Idea With Red Window Curtains
Short Rod For Window White Window Blind  Classic Pattern Window Curtain Idea Higher Wrough Iron Candle Holders Red Candlebars

It’s so common when you see regular curtain rods with the curtains covering the whole screen of your glass window, but what about the short curtain rods? Have you ever seen them? Such rods are rarely found since just few people love them. Actually, they’re so unique to apply on top of windows. They perfectly fit for the series of tight wall space and oddly unique-shaped windows which make full-curtain rods difficult to install.

Short curtain rods do not provide privacy like regular or full curtain rods. They are used as the decorative items for windows that give beautiful finishing touch. As the decorative curtain windows, they still have a role of framing the view outside the windows. Such frames absolutely add the value for windows, especially from their color and texture.

Just need to add your windows with blinds, shades, shutters, or sheers if you want to block the sunlight passing through your windows. It is well recommended to install white sheers/ blinds/ shutters/ shades since the color of white will create a contrast look after being combined with any floor-ceiling window curtains.

You have a lot of choices of short curtain rods. They are manufactured in various materials and styles. It is a must to use metalsmith or carpenter to cut them down based on the most fitted size. It’s also important to know where these short curtain rods should be installed in your home. Beautify the rooms where arched windows single windows are existed. Narrow rooms with windows also look attractive after you add them such decorative window accessories. One more, short curtain rods are always perfect to be installed for corner of sunroom and sliding glass door.


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