The Types of Shower Heads You Probably Didn’t Know

A house without a bathroom is just like people without a head. Yeah, it can be said that bedroom is one of the most important parts of our house. Thus, it has to exist in every house.

Today, I will not write about the design of the bathroom. Instead, I gonna share you about the types of shower heads. What are those? Keep on reading this article!

The first type is a stationary shower head. It is usually attached into the shower wall. This shower is just perfect for a bathing area in your home. The price range can be various, depending on its brand and design.

Then, several of them have some features such as the spray setting to adjust the water spray. There are 2 options of the adjustable water spray, such as the jet and champagne water spray.

The next type is the handheld shower, which the head is usually installed into a flexible hose or attached on the wall-mounted hanger. This shower is adjustable as you can move it up or down.

The last type is a glamour shower head, which the price is quite expensive. Nevertheless, it is worth it for those wishing to have a luxury bathroom. This shower has double heads, which are multi-functional as it can give water spray over the head and body at the same time.

Similar to the stationary shower head, this shower has various types and costs. Most of them are completed with a massaging feature that can be a good option for those who want to have a relaxing shower. It is very useful to relieve all of your tiredness, aching shoulder and other pains.


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