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Minimalist Skinny Sofa Table With Metal Legs And Wooden Top Plus Wooden Laminate Floor And Brown Painted Wall
Skinny Sofa Table In Dark Finishing With Drawer And Rack Beneath Beautified With Gorgeous Ceramic And Candleholder Plus Photo Frame
Traditional Skinny Sofa Table With Metal Legs And Hardwood Floor Plus Grey Painted Wall
Solid Skinny Sofa Table In Brown Finished And Hardwood Floor Ideas For Stunning Home Interior
Console Table Designs, Tables
Turquoise Skinny Sofa Table With Brown Wooden Top And
Rustic Skinny Sofa Table With Two Drawers And Rack Underneath In Unique Design For Living Room Furniture
Rustic Skinny Sofa Table In Admirable Design Combined With Cute Basket And Pretty Flower Centerpieces For Home Decorating Ideas
Simple Skinny Sofa Table With Glass Top And Hanging Shelf Beneath Plus Greenery And Wooden Floor For Awesome Home Decorating Ideas
Vintage Skinny Sofa Table In Creamy White Scheme Plus A Drawer And Rack And Hardwood Floor For Admirable Home Ideas

There are various kinds of table that can be decorated in your house. One of them is sofa table, which is a table which is usually located behind the sofa. Even though it looks simple, this table is very useful for the aesthetic purpose of the living room. For example, you can position some photographs, sculptures, and a vase on its top.

However, this table can also be arranged in another room or place, such as decorated against the wall in the living room, or decorated in the dining room or bedroom, etc. If you are attracted to have this table, you can easily found it in furniture stores nearby your home.

This table has the various styles and sizes; some of them are lower, and the rests are at the same height or higher than the couch. The widths of the table are also various, ranging from the narrow to the wide one.

If you look for a narrow table, we suggest you to choose a skinny sofa table. This table is designed in simple and tiny design so that it will not dwell in much space. Here are several decorating ideas using a skinny table for your consideration.

The black wooden table that comes with a drawer on it is good for a modern room style. The simple design will appear more fascinating if it is combined with some enhancing ornaments such as ceramics, candle holders and photo frames.

Alternatively, you can choose a glass top table which looks awesome with its hanging shelf beneath. To give a fresh accent, you can put a green plant pot above the gorgeous table. It is recommended for you to decorate the table near a window and against the wall.


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