Small Balcony Furniture Option

If you decide to move to much better apartment, this may be your option. Some of apartments design now is offering you small balcony. Even it is small, but it can be your one and only cool space to enjoy the view of the city from above of your apartment. Small balcony perhaps will only fit to put one patio chair and one patio table, but it is worthy rather than having no one. Choosing balcony furniture for your small balcony needs your attention a little bit more.

Small balcony furniture doesn’t have to be kind of minimalist sofa. If you want to have really simple patio furniture for your small balcony, then patio furniture with steel design is enough. Wooden patio furniture with minimalist style is also cool, you can add chair cushions with the ties. Folding chair is another option if you want to have flexible furniture that you can move easily, especially when bad weather attacks.

Just like outdoor furniture type, your small balcony furniture must have best quality. Durable furniture is the most important thing for patio furniture. If you choose steel furniture, make sure it is not get rusty too easily. And if you choose wooden balcony furniture, it should have strong wood material. Surely you don’t want to change your balcony furniture every week with the new one.

It may look empty when you only saw balcony furniture in your small balcony. Solving this, you can add small garden to your balcony. Small plants with mini pots will not only make your balcony pretty but also gives your apartment fresh air addition.

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