Small Bench with Storage

Regular bench usually has long size, but this kind of bench has smaller size. Small bench is pretty furniture that you can put in other room besides your bedroom. Small size doesn’t mean you can sit on it, you can still sit on it well. Just like long size bench, it will be great to have small bench with storage. Small furniture should gave multi functional aspect too. If common bench usually is completed with box or drawers as storage place on it, let’s see storage place on small bench.

It is not very satisfying to have small bench with box storage inside because it not different for having small space only. Good storage place for small bench is drawer or rack. If you choose small bench with rack, you can use basket to collect your stuffs then push it into the bench racks. If you choose small bench with drawers, use it to put some small stuffs like socks or your kids toy. Another idea to put small bench is on your home entryway.

You can transform your small bench into shoes racks on your home entryway. It is one of good idea of using small bench with another purpose, so you don’t have to feel confused looking for other rack for your home. There is also small bench design which is combined with cabinet and simple closet set to keep your family stuffs together.

Make your small bench becomes decorative furniture by choosing stylish pattern on its wooden style. Antique patterned design on its outer surface will make it looks very gorgeous as small furniture.


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