Small Japanese Garden for Green and Refreshing Exhibition

Do you like Japanese Style? yeah, this style spreads all over the world with such unique caharcteristic like simplicity and serenity. You know that Japenese people always spare their time to meditate, and they even have a special meditation room in their house. therefore, they need calming atmosphere to get into a deep contemplation. With water features added in some houses, it adds the nuance of close to nature. Here are some small Japanese garden ideas for green and refreshing exhibition!

Just what I previously stated that watery feature in Japanese home design is interesting. It adds the sound of nature in the most generous style. in some garden, watery model is widely used in the form of pool, pond, waterfall and etc. then, to imitate the original japanese garden design, a large pond with green surrounding is the best idea. the small lantern for coach light also brings additional joy for twinkling effect during the night.

Further, if you don’t have enough space to add a pond or any other water features, there is a small garden that fits narrow space in your house. it is a long path with labirin shaped planter boxes bounded with latice wooden fence. Thanks to the natural stone flooring and also the green grassy meadow!

Installing pendants in the garden is also the way Japanese people attract the attention exhibiting fireflies,of course artificial fireflies. What do you think? In addition, simple temple will make the garden looks greater just like the original Japanese garden. You have to try it!

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