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Small Lake House Plan Idea With Stone Wall Accent And Glass Door And Siding And Wooden Floor And Modern Lighting
Unique Two Story Small Lake House Design With Stone Beams And Green Siding And Open Plan
Adorable And Luxurous Small Lake House Design With Stairs And Open Plan And Wooden Roofing And Lush Vegetation
Small Open Plan Lake House Design With Sliding Glass Door And Hilly Area With Tall Trees
Sophisticated Small Lake House Design With Black Roof And Open Plan To View Fall Plants Tone With Lake Deck
Full Open Plan Small Lake House Design With Glass Fence And White Roofing Aside Grassy Meadow Aside Lake
Luxurious Small Lake House Plan Idea With Glass Siding For Open Plan And Woodenroof And Wooden Floor And Concrete Patio
Modern Small Lake House Design With Wooden Siding And Glass Door And Boxy Style Beneath Shady Tree With Grassy Meadow
Floating Small Lake House Idea With Wooden Siding And Semi Open Plan And Wooden Deck On A Lake With Fall View
Adorable Small Lake House Plan With Beige Tone With Wooden Deck And Open Plan Hovering Withing Thick Forest

As the city is getting more and more crowded, people start to look for an escapism. It can be taking the days off and spending the days in the countryside. Others tend to build a new house plan in the suburban area that will make their daily activities fresher. In addition, not few of them try to steal the joy of living aside a lake! For you who are interested to have small lake house plan, let’s enjoy the virtual show below!

The first design is a truly small lake house design that hovers above the surface of a lake. Natural wooden deck is chosen for warm stepping feet while the house itself is built with the same material. Open plan concept is taken to open the access between indoor and outdoor greatly. A chair on the deck is awesome to let you breath fresh water as well as feed your eyes with awesome view!

In addition, a full open concept small lake house appears in its stylish look with full glass siding. Only the white additional siding that covers the interior from direct heat of the sun. Really won’t to lose a single best view of the lake, the fence itself is also made of glass for borderless atmosphere.

Further, a two story lake house design combines great wooden siding with open plan for different functions. It must be meant that the open concept is the area to mesmerize the lake upstairs while the lower one is made for family privacy. Over all, it is a great lake house design ever!


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