Small Toilet Dimension that You can Reflect

Is it hard for you to design a small bathroom or toilet in the house? then, what will you do with the narrow space if you are unqillingly to have such small room in the house? I think, you have to think it twice why you have to hate small bathroom. It is not true that smaller design means worse idea. everything depends on how you spruce it, and not the size of the design. therefore, below I will show you several small toilet dimensions that you can reflect to!

To create illusion in the small toilet, it is better to have white color on the wall because you know it pretty well how perfect white to give wider feeling. Right in this small white room, you can install white wall mounted toilet seat and also a simple wooden floating vanity. Just make sure that you don’t waste the space for nothing!

The next idea is cheer yellow small toilet dimension idea. the wall is covered both the combination of orange yellow tile and also the one painted in white. There is even walk in shower in the end of the room and also a vanity aside the toilet seat. So, do you still find any problem there?

Bringing some nice wallpaper in the small room is also nice for you that hate it to be so plain. The combination of green rug in the creamy room is truly gorgeous, and adding some colorful towels above the toilet seat gives so much pleasure as well!


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