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Decorative Black And White Baloon Window Treatment On The Top Of Small Window
Simple Yet Stylish Window Treatment For Small Windows With Single Sheer For Soft Warm Living Room With Soft Blue Foam Sofa And Table Decorative Flowers
Small Cottage Window Curtain For Small Bathroom Windows Luxurious Bathroom With Beautiful Pink Flower And Warm Candles
Blue White Stripes Window Treatment On The Top Of Small Windows Blending Greatly With Room Blue Tones
Elegant Baloon Curtain For Small Windows Treatment Increasing Style And Decorating Values
Matched Blue Tone Window Treatment For Small Windows Decorative White Flower Blue Cushions And Beige Chair
Soft Blue Arch Treatment For Boring Small Window Bedroom Macthed With Soft Blue Walls And Blue Leaves Sofas
Pair Up Window Treatment For Small Windows Bamboo Shade With Floral Covering For Classic Living Room With White Sofas Wicker Chairs Clasic Table Lamp
Green Simple Shade Window Treatment For Small Windows Modern White Kitchen With Sleek Black Countertop
Simple White Etnic Motive Sheer For Small Kitchen Window Perfect For Busy Kitchen With Full Decoration

Decorating small windows can be challenging for some people. Proper treatments are very essential to avoid “too much” appearance that can make small windows look even smaller. The following are several decorating ideas related to window treatments for small windows that will be very helpful in creating additional beautiful look of any room in your house.

Size is the first thing you should consider in choosing right treatment for your small windows. You should choose covering or decoration that looks proportional to the rest of the room. You can go for a single sheer panel that will flawlessly fit the small window and is great for light and air circulation. Even though small window will indeed save your cost in terms or less covering needed but do not ignore good style and design. Gorgeous arch and customized shirring can definitely bring sense of style to your small windows.

The next idea is bringing simplicity yet stylish window treatments for small windows. Cotton panels or simple linen can be installed on small window frames. You can roll them up and use ribbon ties to lock the rolls. For angular shape of small windows, you can place poofs of textile to make them soften with pattern and color. You also combine two treatments for small windows. Make sure to choose simple yet visually appeal and practical coverings. For instance you can pair up the cheap bamboo blinds with colorful floral textile panels. This pair up treatment is also perfect to privacy aspect especially for bathroom small windows that should be able to provide sunlight inside as well as offer privacy. A soft covering and solid shutters can be perfect pair for this.


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