Sophisticated Dreamy Interior Designs That Can Elevate Home Value

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What your feeling if you have a fancy home décor as what you’re dreaming of? People have different specifications related to their home dream; it depends on individual’s personal preference and lifestyle, but sometimes some of them still don’t know yet about the things they need to style up their dream home. The physical design, theme, décor, tone, and even the furniture choice are better to consider getting a perfect living space we want. Here are the most amazing interior designs I’ve collected from my favorite page of Pinterest. Hopefully, all designs give you new inspiration especially in deciding what décor that perfectly fits your personal style.

I love the designer’s way to implement hard-texture concrete in modern style. Of course, it gives special texture to this bathroom. In addition, all existing light tones in the bathroom really create a clean look and airy feel, perfectly matching for relaxing and calming atmosphere felt in this modern bathroom.

Unlike the previous design, this one looks bolder and has more textural look particularly presented by the textured surface of natural wood and color (matte black on bathroom’s fixtures). The concealed lighting is great to add elegance and more value to the bathroom.

I’m so happy seeing this, soft pink featuring matte black. They really work in creating a unique color combination; they’re contradictive yet amazingly beautiful.

Yeah, black and white seem to be a boring color combination as it is more often used in any platforms, including the home designs and architectures, but this one is different. It simply expresses an impressive design of each interior piece. Also, the whole space obviously delivers a chic modern décor style.

I don’t know what I want to say about this, but I really love the wallpapers that directly remind me of the grandma’s bedroom. It must be unique if we collaborate the old school things with something modern (or even ultra-modern) like this bedroom interior. Full-height glass windows plus black trims just can be found in most recent home trends.

Feeling free and uncluttered, maybe this is what we’re feeling when being in such a fabulous bedroom. Wood furniture and wall accent designed in super-simple model really meet the theme of home décor chosen by the homeowner: all things that are closely connecting to the nature. And the super-big glass windows exactly has a role as the wonderful ‘access’ that not only can functionally work as the light filter, but also as the most stated interior part in this bedroom.

Need an antimainstream bay window? Maybe this one can be your choice. Based on the design, this bay window is so simple and clean line, even frameless in the corner, so it can offer you the wider screen to access the hills outside.

What a gorgeous home. I love the layout of the furniture and home accessories. They are so perfect. The bed frame is customized, showcasing the additional parts like side-board where we can use as the additional table for greenery or just as the working table.

I see a masterpiece here, a floor bed frame with floor-to-ceiling headboard. This design is more casual and visually unique, really able to add the value to this bedroom. The hidden lighting installed along the floor-to-ceiling headboard exactly gives a modern touch.

It’s brilliant to add such creative corner bookshelves to style up your corner of room. They must be a statement of room.

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