South Shore Bed Frame for Best Experience of Sleeping

South Shore bed frame is one of best bed frame product selections which offer sleek, stylish, and modern design. It adds simple yet elegant plus sensational allure to any types of bedroom. Create contemporary and comfortable bedroom as what you’re dreaming of. This bed frame suits any pieces of other South Shore furniture which are in similar finishes.

South Shore bed frames’ advantageous features obviously make you attract to shop and to place a South Shore bed frame in your bedroom. One of features is profiled edges that will help your mattress keep in its place. A space under bed frame can also be used for storage. This storage space is smart solution for storing and organizing your clothes, sheets, and other linens. Bed’s rounded corners are intentionally made for increased safety.

South Shore bed frame can support up to 500 lbs total weight (accessories and mattress are not included). The box itself is heavy, so it seems you need a friend to transport it to your bedroom. This bed frame is also economic as it does not require the box spring. Just pair it with any pieces in similar finishing. Look at the space storage underneath, it has the space between the storage and the supports. And, you can remove you mattress anytime you want when you need to access the storage area. The only weakness you will find is the King Size does not have storage under bed frame.

No headboard included, so a free standing headboard require to add if you want to have best choice of headboard for your bed, and manufactured wood is the primary material to construct such bed. For more details, just visit our gallery. On gallery, you’ll find the newest designs of South Shore bed frame you may want to view.

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