Find the Newest Southern Living House Plans with Pictures Catalog Here

Do you plan to have a new living house? Do you want to imitate it like the southern style. Good fortune that you visit here because I will show you the best and newest southern living house plans with pictures here. Are you ready to take a look on the site? Let’s touch the post below!

Living southern means living aside tropical forest. It is no wonder that there are plenty of tall and big trees in the environment. Hilly area pushes you to be creative and to build a house with underground style. therefore, designing the second story of the house beneath the ground is a usual mode that you can try!

Further, as southern is a large area, it is best to have spacious house with large landscape too. It makes the nuance of the first look as a palace. The grassy meadow before the entrance is the first security to welcome every guest. The narrow concrete walkway is another appeal to romanticize every moment with your soulmate!

Then, if you prefer to have a house with neighborhood, choosing the plan aside a road is a good idea. It makes you house to stack on public walkway bordered with minimal fence. Of course, it eases you to reach public service and feel the buzz of the city!

Are you interested to blend with nature? If you do, then building a house under lush vegetation is a brave idea. You can feel the summer breeze more than any other places. In addition, it must be fresh all the time!


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