Create Special Highlights of Pop Arts to Pop Up Your Lovely Home

mid century modern living room idea orange room partitions with artistically abstract line Nico Studio

Andy Warhol is the most influential figure who introduces and popularizes the pop arts. This movement of art has widely spread into worldwide and been familiar with modern lifestyle. Even, the movement also gives big influence in other creative arts including the architecture and interior & exterior home designs.

There are so many ways of how pop cultures & arts are well-integrated into home decorating ideas, and the results are so incredible. The decors can look unique, stunning, and original. It’s free to implement your pop things. It’s okay to place your pop things around randomly, so they won’t mix and connect with the grand theme. This idea surely will seem lack of aesthetic values and disorganized. Or, we can collect and organize them in a particular spot properly, the final result absolutely will be so stunning and full of uniqueness.

See and find ideas of pop arts/ pop cultures implemented in any home decorating ideas below, and wish that they’re inspiring you in remodeling your homes.

Create an amazing landscaping idea even in a small side yard. There is a big chance to hide an area of side yard from people’s view and transform it into an enchanting spot. If you have kids, this idea is really recommended since it provides a proper area for playing hide & seek or many other fun plays. This hidden nook may be accented with a curved wood/ metal ‘shade’ filled by lots of leafy vines, and blossoming flowers for either side of center pathway.

Pop style offers the uniqueness and freedom of expression. This oversize vase stone is the most stunning one, giving an unusual object in this backyard. Look at the green grass; their longer physical creates a dramatic effect, and the old olive trees add a grand beauty brought by this lovely Earth. To give easy access, add natural stone pavers for the pathway. Naturally beautiful!

A sunny backyard corner with a huge pile of logs as the background. It’s a perfect spot during the summer, providing an outdoor space for sunbathing everyday. Furnish the space with a couple of chairs, and surround with leafy decorative plants for a fresh and greeny look.

Pop culture also sends its influence to many other non-artworks, including the colors. This bright blue doorgate obviously pops up the view, especially all plants around the stonegate.

The ornaments in a landscape gives lots of methods to meet the garden decorating idea we want. This artistic privacy wall, for example, can add a direct interest to unexciting spot. This cool-shabby panel also creates a jazzing vertical garden that’s full of succulents, like a grand work of art in an exhibition or gallery. A dramatic accent, actually.

A simple creative art with full of pop colors. This artwork can be a good choice for the outdoor areas like this seating corner in the side yard. The concept is simply interesting. Just put the fun & colorful stars-shaped lamps to light on the seat and surrounds.

I love the puzzle of picture in the wall background. It actually consists of some pieces of pictures that then are arranged into a grand artwork with a particular theme. Amazingly, they are united piece by piece.

A couple of large nooks in either side is used for placing shelving units, and its center is a modern fireplace with a pop art on top. A nice layout idea to follow, especially for you guys who love keeping and displaying your things neatly and orderly.

Full of crowds. The background and furniture choice exactly present the lifestyle of modernity. Additionally, the colors brightly stand out the space, producing more stunning look after the colorless background. What a perfect!

It must be fun to re-model the home with a peculiar theme we love. This living room, for instance, takes tropical view as the grand concept, and the homeowner creatively uses some ornaments for analogizing tropical appeal. The pop of yellow wall decor and medium-sized palm tree on planter are two real things obviously represent the theme.

A vividly living room with vibrant orange wallpaper that truly contrast with a couple of stunning blue and pure white couch. On the wallpaper, we’ve found a vertical mirror garnished by red-finishing wood frame and surrounded with well-ordered dark pictures. They are meant to be the visual focal point of room.

What a great sofa with that color! It gives a real contrast against the radiant orange rug, but softer when it’s paired off with the white wall. The wall art, additionally, still look artistic, a monotone breaker for the wall.

I love the walls’ color and the abstract pictures, simple wall arts but powerfully break the wall. In this angle, the pictures’ placing is perfect. This bold colored space has been cheered up just by these chair slipcovers accented with too-crowded-fabrics.

small contemporary dining room bold blue painting wall digital abstract painting art black dining table white midcentury modern dining chairs fury rug medium toned wood floors

Sheep And Stone

The wall and furniture match each other, both use much bold tones of colors, but keep balanced, no domination. The paint is digitally made, so it gives a blurry unique visual effect.

A stunned red painting over the black sofa, a great idea to grab people’s interest. Moreover, it is placed exactly on pure white wall, making the space stands out perfectly.

Fashion and art combination. These elements create a beauty and can be applied in decorating world, including home decorating. The furniture choice and its accessories like throw pillows and rug, for instance, precisely improve the aesthetic and functional values.

Don’t be hesitated to insert your favorite painting in your small living room. This wall art won’t take much space, and of course will be an artistic focal point. For the furniture, use convertible ones to make a space-friendly like this convertible coffee table. Effective and sublime!

Complete your home office with some pop arts installed over your working desk. I believe your favorite things placed nearest your daily spot will make you get more spirit and motivation. At least, they’ll make you’re always fresh and fun in doing your daily works.

Soft but full of fun colors. This living room adopts a small mid century modern concept in which we just find few sets of furniture for a practical and effective use. The credenza and yellow corner chair are the most stunning ones as they’re owning simple but stylish visual appearance, really matching for you guys who like a custom products. The colorful area rug is designed by Angela Adam, offering a cool retro appeal as what credenza & corner chair give.

Vintage things are always gorgeous to mix and match. This couple of vintage chairs from George Nelson, for instance, brings a freshly new look in this space. Obviously, its color softly blends with other opposing tones, including with the wall-screwed shelves containing some smaller pop ornaments and books. And, look at the side table, it’s unique due to its wire hooker on top.

All these interior pieces are great either in design or color. The painting is Liz Jardine’s with the Flintstones as the title. It’s giving more crowds of tones over the Benjamin Moore’s Covington Blue painting walls. The couch and coffee table also come from different great designers, giving more expensive and classy items in this great styled space.

mid century modern living room idea orange room partitions with artistically abstract line

Nico Studio

Pop art can be applied on many kinds of artworks, including in just a functional or used thing like this room partitions. It’s unique to write down an abstract line with no meaning. It’s just an artistic line without presenting a particular meaning, but just displaying a beautifully abstract work. This is called a freedom of art as what most pop culture artists say.

What a lovely chairs! When they sit alone, they keep being something unique, and when I see them next to blue dining couch and table, their earthy brown color still flows perfectly with the darker wood-finishing and blue fabric. The painting, lastly, adds an important contribution of art in such plain & monotone wall.

The abstract painting and the chair are in good coherence, they naturally fit each other and make sense in similar tone. I love the way of how the designer puts the organic dresser among these two items, something like a perfect separator of two things that are actually different but look like the same things. Incredible!

I honestly love all those colors. The colorful dots on wall nicely bring a fun look in simply way. The couch and the chairs have an opposite tone but complete each other (one is so stunning with the bold orange and another one is softly calming the space). The fabric area rug, at final, amazingly gives a special fun tone for the base.

I prefer the hallway to bedroom for inserting this wall decor. It’s true that both the wall decor and bed treatment are similarly, but it isn’t essential for a bedroom’s wall ornament. Or, if you want to keep it as the bedroom’s wall ornament, use it for the boys’. Boys fit something simple, including the ornaments.

Incredible sofa’s color and shape. The furniture choice looks so expensive and trendy. There is no reason to complete it just with ordinary ornaments & accessories. The throw pillows, pendant, and painting, are the examples of how we should the best complementary stuffs for balancing the existed interior pieces.

With right proportion of color boldness, we can create an inviting and cozy space dominated by neutral & earthy brown hue. This space is the real example where we’ve just seen a comfy visual wall garnished by an amazingly creative wall art. We don’t know what the name is, but it surprisingly stands out the space, a superb wall ornament for this medium light-toned wall.

grand living room cozy white contemporary couches a couple of armchairs hardwood coffee table firebox with magnetic secured metal panels artistic pop painting

Enclosures Architects

Most people ask about the fireplace and how the panels above are securely sticking on the under wall. The firebox are supported by the metal panels that are secured by magnetic attachments. The panels are manually painted by the expert, so they result a flawless surface and color. A pop painting at top exactly adds the aesthetic value creatively created by the professional.

Another grand contemporary living room with firebox and pop style painting. Based on the layout, it’s similar to the previous idea, the difference is just in panels excluded in this space. The furniture’s placement is also different, facing the camera’s angle instead of backing the angle. The most attractive ones are the curtains and fireplace’s wall (exposing the real texture of natural stones).

Luxurious and so modern. All interior pieces, including the painting, reflect a modern lifestyle that’s mostly identical with simply updated trends. The artist prefers uncolored art to other arts for a naturally brighter output if being combined with such soft-dimmed interior illumination.

It seems that the floors are the reclaimed wood and garnished with bold-toned rug and vintage furnishing pieces. The black and gold throw pillows complete the couch’s visual and functional performance. And about the painting, it’s so artistic.

What a fabulous design! A small seating area with a pair of creative pop arts. Let me notice, the interior wall’s beige finish seems like to be a perfect background for these two soft-toned pop paintings, giving a simple yet superb look for the space.

An eclectic living room accented by an abstract painting and refreshing rug. The furniture and walls are white, giving a clean lines and airy look. The presence of painting here is producing an aesthetic value through the richness of colors.

The Cherry Nuance, the art pictures, blends elegantly with the whole interior design and furniture choice. To add something colored, some throw pillows with different color and motifs are included. The golden accent lines in all edges of coffee table also contribute in creating a great design. If you like a unique thing, this floor lamp with advanced shade probably wants to add.

Calm and vivid, the couch’s color works well with another blue on table. The paintings additionally make the space stands out.

Pop art print obviously completes the wall color. It’s coherent with the couch. The throw pillows are purposely added to empower the existence of pop culture in this living room.

Medium-size pop art may be the best option for such high ceiling. The pendant lamps with messy wires even make the space looks more dramatic and trendier, this is what most people do in achieving Scandinavian appeal.

Amazing private dining room idea with full glass wall. There are several items I wanna highlight. The dining furniture set with super-large string light pendant over it, they are perfect package that makes this space so special. Both also offer ultra coziness and style. The abstract picture on wall directly indicates that the homeowner has a supreme personal taste on artworks.

A perforated credenza in white allows the air and light enter the space within it, preventing the stored ones dry and lighted. Its design is rarely found and seemingly customized. The wall art is similarly white but has different spectrum, making it obvious to see between the white wall and white storage unit.

Another perforated credenza but this is in gold finishing. Putting a classic photograph of favorite figure is another option to keep this storage unit stylish and be a focal point of room. You may add another ornate pop art to fill in credenza’s top.

retro style living room bright blue wall color cute cluster of picture frames old fashioned TV set vintage TV console with angled legs

Maisons Du Monde

A cute cluster of picture frames containing the most favorite photographs and pop pictures, a great idea to decorate your retro style living room. Add more retro furniture pieces and accessories for a fun and old-fashioned interior design. It must be an inviting space for welcoming your guests.

Obvious, this is a working nook I’m dreaming of. It’s visually clean lines, simple, and well-ordered. The recessed book shelves meet the ones I want to build in custom. The wall is just a hardwood panel without finishing, so it exposes the original tone and texture, a great background for my pop art collections. I guess many readers really want this, too.

Yes, the picture seems so complicated but full of aesthetic credits. This is actually a London map creatively made by  Kristjana Williams. A fabulous print art for a simple & small living room.

Nick Miners amazingly creates an abstract picture which exposes the ultra elegance just through the colors on canvas. The picture is an abstract landscape and intentionally made for adding the pop art collections as what has been displayed over the hall console.

Neutral appearance with pop of color accents. Incredible idea for you guys who want to do redecorating in simply soft & neutral interior look with a little playful color as the focal point.

Honestly love the abstract picture’s colors that precisely connect to the color of room.

An art display that only contains a pop art of colors framed with thin black frame. Such artwork suits the hallway or lounge where it can be exposed whenever our guests visit to our lovely home.

modern hallway wonderful & colorful pop art on wall

Tech Ambassadors

Super-creative pop art for a modern hallway. As if it will always be ready to welcome every guest visiting the home. With maybe tens of colors, this artwork will cheer the guests up. Visually, the artwork is complicated in design and it looks like a 3-dimension one since it has a similar shadow when the body is illuminated by the recessed and spotlight lamps.

Love the artworks, especially the green one that displays the girls’ silhouettes.

The series of comic arts attached on home bar’s wall. Artistic! This pop artwork is started from a sketch then colored & printed. The artist uses Adobe Illustrator to refine this work.

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